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Right.Brain Foundation e.V. Provides Advanced Navigation System to New Cambodian Neurology Center

First full-scale public Neuroscience Center launched in Cambodia designed to help thousands of patients
Munich, Germany, November 24, 2014 — King Norodom Sihamoni and Prime Minister Hun Sen of Cambodia attended the inauguration of the first full-scale public Neurology Center that includes a 90-bed, $10.8 million dollar treatment facility at Calmette Hospital in the capital, Phnom Penh on October 7, 2014. The new facility features a research laboratory, neurosurgical ward, eight consultation rooms and a $420,000 neuronavigational system donated by Right.Brain Foundation e.V.

Since the Neurology Center opened, 1,383 consultations have taken place averaging over 70 patients daily. Twenty surgeries have taken place to date, and the first two cases, using Kick® Navigation by Brainlab, were performed last week. Calmette Hospital’s surgical team received navigation technology and training support from Right.Brain volunteers.

Right.Brain is a not-for-profit organization providing medical technology and education to qualifying hospitals and public institutions in Southeast Asia, Africa, Central and South America. The support offered by Right.Brain to hospitals in developing countries encourages access to and consistency of medical treatment for patients in need. This is the first mission trip for the organization, which was launched in July 2014.
Right.Brain was able to provide Kick® Navigation to Calmette Hospital through charitable donations from Brainlab staff, friends and family.  Brainlab is committed to supporting Right.Brain to assist and advance neurosurgery efforts at hospitals in developing countries.

In addition to medical technology assistance, Brainlab staff volunteered their vacation time to Right.Brain to assist in on-site training sessions for hospital personnel and product demonstrations during the inauguration ceremony. Calmette Hospital’s newest wing will also include a research and training center for neurologists, neurosurgeons, anesthesiologists and paramedics. This research unit will provide the necessary training and support for medical professionals to sustain and grow the neurological disorder and treatment specializations. Patients will now have local access to neurological consultations and treatments.
“Through Right.Brain, advanced medical equipment and expert training become part of the local hospital offering and care becomes more sophisticated,” said Stefan Vilsmeier, President and CEO, Brainlab. “This helps further medical education, provide hope for the country, and raise the bar in academic achievements for residents and studying physicians. The impact of initiatives like this on the global community is invaluable as we all seek to advance world health.”

Minister of Health Mam Bunheng noted during the inauguration ceremony that, annually, Cambodia reports an estimated 22,000 patients with hemiplegic paralysis, 3,000 patients with brain tumors and 12,000 patients with herniated discs. This new Neurology Center will offer treatment to those patients in need of medical support regardless of their ability to pay for treatment.
The support for Calmette Hospital and the Neurology Center continues through ongoing partnership and education. King Sihamoni announced during the ceremony that a personal donation of $10,000 would be made to the new center. Right.Brain will continue to provide support and training as needed to the Calmette medical team. Patient support cards, signed by Brainlab staff members from across the globe, will be given to all patients treated in the Neurology Center throughout the upcoming year. Coloring sheets and crayons have also been donated for all pediatric patients treated at the facility.

“The impact of this first mission trip extended beyond the walls of the operating rooms and medical technology trainings,” said Geoffroy Rouffy, Right.Brain volunteer and Brainlab application consultant. “This trip has been a wonderful experience in training and learnings that I will never forget.”

About Right.Brain Foundation e.V.

Right.Brain Foundation e.V. is a not-for-profit organization with the goal of providing medical technology and education to qualifying hospitals and public institutions in developing countries to encourage access to and consistency of treatment.
Countries that receive support were reviewed and selected based on several criteria including: income, energy supply, trained healthcare professionals, wealth, political stability and public safety.

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