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Brainlab Individuals

Research and Development

A Day with Claudia

Claudia has been working within Research and Development since 2006 and throughout her journey has experienced everything from working on her masters’ thesis to helping develop and create Buzz Digital O.R. Read about her inspiring career path at Brainlab here.

When did you start working at Brainlab?

In 2006, I joined Brainlab to write my thesis about audio functionalities in the operating room. After my masters, I was offered a position in R&D as a project engineer in the area of Digital O.R. platforms, which I happily accepted.

How many people are on your team?

In the current project, we are around 10 people from the R&D side, but not all of us work fulltime on the project. Considering the project from start to finish, there are a lot more people involved from other departments, e.g. product manager, industrial designers, technical writers, product support specialists, production technicians and a bunch of external partners.

Where do you work in the Brainlab Building?

I am most often in my office and the interactive zone “Birkenwald” or just “forest”, as we say. For more formal meetings or phone conferences we use the conference rooms and sometimes I am in our test area or prototype rooms, for example, for design reviews.

What do you when you first get to the office?

If I didn’t have breakfast at home, I get some muesli from the restaurant. Then I have a small chat with colleagues in the kitchen while getting a coffee and then I check my schedule for the day.

What project are you primarily working on at the moment?

We are currently in the rough planning phase—project definition—for a platform development project. That means that we clarify the requirements and their influence on the product and check technological possibilities so that we can plan further steps based on time and cost.

How would you describe a regular day as a Project Manager at Brainlab?

In a development project, things change often so many days surprise you with something new. New ideas, new information, changing priorities, upcoming obstacles – you need to stay flexible. So, maybe a regular day means that you keep challenging your plans.
Each day consists of talking to people and defining the best next steps based on the information you have, taking potential risks into account and implementing measures against them. If necessary, the steering committee is called for a meeting to make important decisions.

What was your favorite project you have worked on?

The “Buzz” project! By being part of the Buzz development team from beginning to end, I gained precious experience and absolutely enjoyed the unique team spirit we had.

What motivates you to come to work every day?

Knowing that I can change things. And that I can bring in my ideas and that the team can turn ideas into reality. That is the best thing. Once I understood that it is not only the organization defining my work, but I define my work, things became really fun. I have been given a lot of opportunities.

What did you spend your last vacation doing?

As I have already been with the company for many years, I was allowed to enjoy a sabbatical leave last winter. I had time to realize some of my dreams—I went windsurfing in Jericoacoara, Brazil, and hiking in Southern Patagonia. And back home I still had time to go skiing in the Alps before returning to Brainlab with lots of new energy.