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Brainlab Individuals

Support Technician


As a Support Technician in Japan, Kyeonguk strives to provide excellent customer service. Read his story below to learn more about the work he does at Brainlab.

Brainlab Tales Kyeonguk
Kyeonguk, you’re Korean but work at Brainlab Japan. What brought you there?
I was always fascinated by Japan. My parents owned a Japanese restaurant in Korea. I’ve been in Japan for more than 4 years now and learned the language. I love Japan for the most part, but I knew I could best apply my skills at an international company—That is how I found Brainlab!
What did you study before you got the job at Brainlab?

I studied Business Administration at University. Since I enjoy studying what multinational businesses do and how they build strategies to compete with local companies, I did a lot of research on that while writing my thesis. Having that educational background actually really helped me to understand my daily work at Brainlab.

Can you describe your position at Brainlab? 

I am currently responsible for image guided surgery (IGS) systems in Japan from Kyushu to Hokkaido. As a Korean, it’s always fun to talk about the different culture, ideas and so on with my Japanese colleagues. My main responsibility is to perform repairs, system installations and preventive maintenance inspections for our IGS platforms. Dealing with our platforms motivates me because it keeps me up-to-date with cutting-edge technical knowledge.

When did you start working at Brainlab?

I actually kicked off my career as an intern in the QM division of the Japan Office in April 2015. Ten months of intern experience clearly showed me that Brainlab Japan is a highly ambitious company that has amazing potential and that is why I wanted to continue to be part of it. At that time, I was looking for an engineering position. When the support manager heard that I was looking to stay at Brainlab, he approached me. I was so happy.

How big is the team you are working with?

We are actually a very small team. Although we have only five members, each of us are really passionate about carrying out our responsibilities and providing customer satisfaction. I can always learn a lot from my colleagues.

Describe the kind of customers you take care of and what you do for them.

In my position, I deal mainly with hospital personnel including doctors, medical engineers and nurses. To provide the best service and to ensure customer satisfaction, I always prepare myself thoroughly before visiting a customer. Since our performance can directly affect patients, preparations must be done perfectly every single time. I pay particular attention to providing a better understanding of our products with precise explanations to the customer. I strongly believe that giving good support will continue to help not just our team, but also help Brainlab grow as a business.

What aspect of being a Support Technician do you like the most? 

I love handling machines and feel a great sense of satisfaction if I can solve an issue. The imagination required to handle our premium products—like Curve Image Guided Surgery—and in that way being part of delivering treatments to patients, fills me with pride.

What motivates you to come to work every day?

Brainlab has amazing technology and it is constantly growing. But it is not just the products, we are helping patients and that really gives my life meaning. Doing all this at an international company—that is what motivates me the most!