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Brainlab Individuals

QM Associate


Interested in learning more about working in Quality Management? Read Marc’s story below for an insider look at the career of a Brainlab QM Associate.

Brainlab Tales Marc
Can you describe your position?
I started working at Brainlab in September 2011 as an Industrial Trade Apprentice. This gave me the opportunity to have a look at many different departments and to gain a lot of experience in different working areas. Since June 2013, I have been working as a QM Associate in the Quality Management department. More precisely, I work in the Regulatory Affairs Team. Here we are six people, mainly responsible for the compliance of our products with regulatory requirements and furthermore for product registrations worldwide.
What did you do to prepare for your position at Brainlab?

Before I started at Brainlab, I was actually a member of the German Armed Forces for more than five years. As preparation, they offer you different courses and trainings and I was particularly interested in special QM trainings! So I booked all of them. At that point, I knew that in the future I would like to increase my knowledge and experience in this area. Thus, I later applied for a job in our QM department. My background in informatics was in that regard quite beneficial as well, since it helped me to understand the necessary technical aspects and development processes.

How would you describe a regular day as a QM Associate at Brainlab?

The first thing that comes to mind is the many meetings. You sync and discuss a lot on a daily basis, with different teams, people and partners. In between those meetings, you are also dealing with the wave of incoming emails and answering phone calls.

What do you usually do first when you get to the office?

I usually arrive at 7:00am. Most of the time, this makes me the first person arriving to the ‘Jungle’—the newly renovated open office space at our headquarters. I turn on the lights then boot up my laptop and have a first glance at my emails. Since we are working with distributors all around the globe, we receive emails around the clock. After that, I get my morning coffee and then get started on the first things to get done!

What are you working on currently?

Currently, I am working on a project that will improve the software development process based on an international standard. The project has 13 team members working toward implementing it. Apart from that we don’t usually have “big” single projects, but multiple smaller tasks at the same time. Multi-tasking par excellence! Right now, several product submissions/registrations are pending in parallel and require processing as soon as the related authority asks for additional information. Apart from that, I’m involved in different product development projects. This means reviewing the documentation, ensuring that regulatory requirements are in compliance and defining the regulatory strategy together with R&D and Product Management.

What is the best aspect of being an QM Associate at Brainlab?

The best aspect is that you are in touch with so many different people, internally as well as externally. Your network basically grows day-to-day and you work with so many different people from different cultures or in different countries all around the globe. One second, you are calling the colleagues in Singapore and in the next; you are answering a request from Canada.

What other divisions are you in contact with on a regular basis?

Being in Quality Management, and especially in Regulatory Affairs, means interacting with several other divisions and departments. There is a strong link to R&D, as we support the product development by identifying regulatory requirements and reviewing the technical documents. Then we have a link to Sales and Sales Operations to ensure that products are registered in required markets in a timely manner and according to priorities. We are also in touch with the Usability Team, especially during development. Furthermore, we have links to Marketing, Service & Support and Purchasing.

What motivates you to come to work every day?

The interesting and versatile work that never gets boring or monotonous. You rarely do the same thing twice. And definitely the people and atmosphere at Brainlab! It is a lot fun and I really enjoy working in this environment knowing that my work benefits medical industries and thus the patients.