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Brainlab Individuals

Technical Drawer


Radiah was born in Singapore and has been working at Brainlab as a Technical Drawer since 2013. Read more about her journey from freelancing to designing layouts for hospital operating rooms worldwide!

When did you start working at Brainlab?

Before working for Brainlab, I was freelancing and designing office layouts for an American company and afterwards for one of Munich’s real estate companies. After realizing that freelancing wasn’t suitable for me, I found an advertisement for a part-time Architectural Drawer at Brainlab on LinkedIn  and went through the interview process. I then had to decide between accepting a job designing airplane interiors or the offer from Brainlab. I accepted the offer from Brainlab and began to work part time. A few months later, I was delighted to become a full time Brainlab employee as part of the International Customer Consulting Department, a group of more than 20 international colleagues around the world. At the present moment, I am going through positive changes in my professional growth at Brainlab and I am looking forward to advancing my career even further.

What projects are you currently working on?

Due to the demand of Buzz and Curve, there are lots of time-sensitive projects or sales layout requests for these products but I also work on other projects like, for example, designing a Brainsuite iMRI room setup.

What was your favorite project?

During the initial phase of sketch design, I had the opportunity to design and plan the main Demo Area for the upcoming Brainlab headquarters in Riem, together with my colleague, Paula. I treat each project I have ever worked on as my masterpiece, creating them with pride and perfection. Therefore, each project or sales layout drawing I create is my favourite and has my signature touch to it.

What skills do you use as a Technical Drawer at Brainlab?

A day in my shoes would require you to be in full concentration, always ensuring you communicate accurate information while preparing operating room layouts. Superb time management is also one of the essentials of the job.

Where did you spend your last vacation?

Coming from Singapore and living in Munich since 2008, I never fail to fly home once or twice a year. I was in Singapore during the 2014 winter holidays and explored my country like a first-time tourist by exploring the art and national museums, biking through Pulau Ubin Island—located north east of Singapore—and enjoying Singaporean-style buffet lunch and dinners at the local food courts.