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Brainlab Individuals

Software Engineer


Working as a Software Engineer at Brainlab is a challenging job but as Zhang reveals—it never gets boring! Read below for more about life as a Brainlab Software Engineer.

Software Engineer Zhang
When did you start working at Brainlab?
I started in R&D RT Planning as a junior software engineer in June 2015 after finding the opening on a job search website.
What is your academic background?

I got my Bachelor’s degree in computer science from Xiangtan University in China and then I spent two years studying at Linköping University, Sweden to get my Master’s degree in computer science.

What attracted you to Brainlab?

The atmosphere in which people inspire each other and work together closely to make something is what drew me to Brainlab.

What do you do first when you get to the office?

Like most colleagues, the first thing I do when I get to the office is to get myself a cup of coffee to help switch from sleep to work mode.  

How would you describe a regular day as a Software Engineer at Brainlab?

I’ll say it’s quite exciting! There are always new challenges to be found, ways to get inspired through discussions with your colleagues, and very valid feedback and suggestions from experienced software engineers.

There are 8 people on my team, but we work closely with other teams, such as data management, within our division. By the end of the day, you will definitely be exhausted. But when you look back the whole day, you will be surprised by what you’ve achieved and learned. To be honest, I like every project I’ve worked on. I spend a lot of time and energy on each of them. And through each project I learn many different things.  

What is the most valuable lesson you have learned so far at Brainlab?

Whenever you have any questions, any confusion or any new ideas, you can ask or discuss with your colleagues. You don’t need to hold back and try to figure it out for yourself. Communication is very important. You can gain great inspiration from it!

What motivates you to come to work every day?

The cool people and the good atmosphere they have established in which everyone is trying to make things perfect.

If you had any advice for new software engineers, what would it be?

My advice would be that they feel the atmosphere here at Brainlab and enjoy!