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Brainlab Successes

From Student to Senior Project Engineer


Brainlab Project Engineers are one of the key elements behind the diverse portfolio of medical devices that Brainlab develops. From Curve™ to Quentry® and beyond, our Project Engineers are constantly pushing the envelope in the fields of Research and Development. We recently sat down with Araceli, a Project Engineer at Brainlab who told us about her path in Brainlab until now.

Brainlab Successes - Araceli
How did you first hear of Brainlab?

The first time I heard about Brainlab was during my studies at the Technische Universität München (TUM) while visiting some lectures about medical engineering. I remember Mr. Birkenbach held a presentation about Brainlab. I was impressed and wanted to be part of it.

When and for which position did you first apply to Brainlab?

The first time I applied to Brainlab was on June 2010 for a working student position at R&D Surgery in Team Platforms & Services.

How would you describe the application process?

Back then I sent my CV to the contact person of the ad. They contacted me back and gave me an interview, two months later I became part of the Brainlab family.

Why did you choose to change positions within Brainlab?

I have had the opportunity to change positions within Brainlab twice. The first time, I was given the opportunity to write my diploma thesis at the R&D MDE department. Afterwards, I went back to R&D Surgery as a full time employee. Then, two months ago, I was given the opportunity to change from Team Platforms to Team Spine-Trauma. I wanted to be more in touch with the medical field; I wanted to talk more with the doctors and learn about their needs and the surgical field. Team Spine-Trauma was looking for a Project Engineer and so it all worked out!

How would you describe and/or rate the opportunity for job growth/development within the company?

From my experience, Brainlab is a company full of growth opportunities. There is always a chance to be part of something new. Sometimes getting the support or the encouragement needed to achieve those goals comes fast enough and sometimes patience is needed. Important here is the motivation factor: Brainlab knows how to keep his employees motivated.

What is the most satisfying project you have contributed to during your time at Brainlab?

The most satisfying project was the development of the navigation station Kick. Even though Kick is the smallest platform in the portfolio, it is powerful and portable. Being part of this project has been an amazing experience.

What motivates you to come to work every day?

My motivation is my colleagues; they are always willing to help and asking questions is very comfortable. Another motivation is the challenges we are presented with. Being part of a medical device manufacturer, there is always motivation to improve and get better at what we are doing.

What is the most appealing aspect of working within your department specifically?

The most appealing aspect is the number of projects this department works on. To understand the needs of surgeons, to get to know their jargon and to apply our knowledge into something new and exciting is the best part of working in my department.

What employee policy/benefit unique to Brainlab do you appreciate the most?

I would say flexible part-time work models. I know many new moms who work part-time and this is a great opportunity to still have a career and be a mommy.