Brainlab Successes

Regional Marketing Manager


For over 15 years, Eberhard has been a part of Brainlab. For 13 of those, he has been an essential member of Brainlab Sales and now focuses on sales marketing. Read his story below.

Regional Marketing Manager - Eberhard
What was your first position at Brainlab?

I started in 2000 in a team called “Clinical Application”. We were responsible for demo installations only as part of pre-sales. It was the perfect introduction for me, since I got to know the products in a real clinical setting. In that position, I gained all the technical background on how to perform system integration within a hospital environment. And I also got to present Brainlab technology in use in real-time. Those types of presentations lead me to the Sales Team, which I have been a part of for the last 13 years.

What is your current role?

I have moved on within the Sales Team into “sales marketing”. The idea is, while having a sales history myself, I have the experience to support all of our European Sales colleagues with the tools they may need in their field activities. Marketing offers many great opportunities to meet these needs.

Throughout your evolving career, did you feel supported on your career path?

I have had several personal discussions with my superiors over the years. They always supported me in the right direction in terms of trying out new things and have managed to help me make career choices that would fit not only me, but also the company.

What is your favorite part about working for Brainlab?

The people – the products – the fun – the customers – the positivity!

What is the most satisfying project you have contributed to during your time at Brainlab?

For me personally, it’s when I see a customer’s emotional satisfaction with their new equipment in clinical use.

What does Brainlab do differently than any other company you have worked at?

As you can see by my recent change in position, there is no predefined development for an individual at Brainlab. There are always new opportunities, new ways to develop professionally, and new ways to move further!