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Where do we…



Where we work



We work in an innovative environment. In line with our philosophy that diversity is the source of our innovation, our offices are constructed and designed to promote creative ideas. Stylized, themed meeting and offices spaces—from the jungle to the desert—allow for free exchange of information and enable communication and collaboration outside of a conference room. Much of the furnishings, desks and decorative elements were specifically designed for our offices. Fine-tuning the workplace to the needs of our employees is essential to ensuring that innovation can flow freely at Brainlab.



How We Meet



We meet efficiently to exchange ideas. Interaction between colleagues, teams and departments at Brainlab is frequent, since so many groups work together to ensure the success of a project. Effective communication is essential, therefore meetings are usually quick and to the point, often taking place informally in the restaurant lounge, our interactive zones or even one of the coffee kitchens found in each area of the building. Innovation moves quickly at Brainlab and can happen anywhere.



How We Learn



We learn continuously through the challenge at work. Learning in a structured environment, such as in our auditorium through internal and external trainers, is only one way we learn at Brainlab. Internal courses and e-learnings keep us up to speed on company matters and the possibility to attend congresses and symposia or visit our customers on-site helps us learn about our industry. Everyone at Brainlab can spend time with customers to experience firsthand how our technology works.



Where We Eat



We eat to fuel our innovation. As a healthcare company, providing fresh and healthy options for our employees goes without saying. Market-fresh produce is delivered daily for delicious dishes you can watch being prepared in the front-cooking kitchen, presented to you as if from a gourmet restaurant. Our restaurant team works on a quality—not cost—target, and because of Brainlab subsidization, there is always a full meal available for as little as 3 euros.
Our restaurant was designed by a restaurant architect and provides a welcoming and upscale atmosphere for both employees and the over one thousand customers who visit Brainlab headquarters each year. There is no designated customer seating, therefore, it’s not uncommon to sit next to a world-renowned neurosurgeon or the head of a radiotherapy department while you enjoy your meal. Inviting our customers to dine with us gives them a better understanding of our company, and enables each employee to contribute personally to the Brainlab identity.