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Together We Can Make a Difference

What We Want

We want innovative contributions. Everyone at Brainlab makes a critical contribution and, therefore, we want people who don’t know their limitations. We hire primarily for talent and passion rather than experience and formal education. Many of our colleagues come from diverse backgrounds and have brought their relevant experience to contribute to Brainlab innovation.
We want cultural diversity. Brainlab is made up of people from all over the world who bring with them their ideas, impressions and know-how. Although we are a German company, only about 45% of our workforce is German. Brainlab is a truly global organization because we understand that globalization comes from inside.
We want authentic people who can build and maintain meaningful and trusting relationships with our customers. Unlike other organizations in which customer contact is monopolized by a select few, almost all employees at Brainlab have the chance for direct customer interaction, from R&D to purchasing.

What We Value

We value idealists. Brainlab was founded out of a frustration with the status quo in medicine and a desire to create enormous positive change in the industry, regardless of the challenge.
These rebellious beginnings have led us to value those with a healthy disrespect for what is the accepted norm. We appreciate those who are obsessed with fighting cancer and improving surgery and orthopedics. We value authenticity, and those who pride themselves on wanting to change the world.
We value applicants who are willing to break through walls to create a new solution to an old problem and who get up immediately after being knocked down. We are committed to success and value applicants who share that passion.

What We Offer

We offer personal and professional growth. Professional growth at Brainlab can best be described as ‘dynamic development’. There are no limits and no rules regarding advancement at Brainlab: each employee creates their own career path which may lead to a Brainlab subsidiary across the globe or a completely different department down the hall.
Brainlab places high expectations on our employees to deliver results, to overcome seemingly insurmountable challenges and to stay flexible. In return, Brainlab offers the same flexibility, as well as respect and an opportunity to grow and learn. You will never be bored at work, since no day is like the day before. You will learn more at Brainlab than you can ever anticipate.
We could provide a standard shopping list of perks that make Brainlab a great place to work—subsidized gourmet meals, parking, organized fun and activities outside of the office—but we believe the best thing we have to offer is our hand-selected, inspiring colleagues. More than colleagues, Brainlab employees are people you will enjoy learning from, teaching, exchanging ideas with and seeing five days a week. We work hard, we play hard: Our people are what set Brainlab apart.