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Supplier Information

Welcome to the Brainlab Purchasing Department

Brainlab provides sophisticated hardware and software products and support services that help medical professionals around the world provide better care for more patients. We seek constant improvement in quality and services across the entire supply chain to meet the high demands and expectations of our global customer base. World-class performance requires significant involvement and support from our suppliers. We therefore engage in co-operative relationships with our suppliers to source key commodities and components.

The mission of the Brainlab Purchasing Department is to ensure our high quality standards with every purchase for the benefit of our customers and the company. Constantly improving supply workflows and processes is one stepping stone to that aim. In the pursuit of excellence, there is no finish line.
If you are interested in becoming a supplier to Brainlab, please take a look at our purchasing principles and procurement quality guidelines outlined below.


Our Purchasing Goals

  • Develop strong long-term partnerships
  • Concentrate on key suppliers
  • Optimize supply chain management
  • Improve supplier performance in terms of product quality and delivery reliability
  • Reduce costs of material


What Do We Expect From Our Suppliers?

  • Outstanding quality of products and material (zero defects), supported by a mature quality management process (e.g. ISO 9001,  ISO 13485, FDA and GMP conformity)
  • Delivery reliability and flexibility
  • Innovative products at competitive prices
  • Development and system competence
  • International terms and conditions
  • Long-term collaboration
  • Logistics agreements
  • Financial stability as well as effective business continuity plans and processes
  • Diligence in ethical business practices, environmental responsibility, workplace health and safety regulations, and human resources leadership
  • Acceptance of our Quality Assurance Agreement.

Brainlab is keen to improve environmental protection continuously. All Brainlab suppliers will be asked also to establish and maintain an environmental management system according to ISO14001.


Purchasing Terms & Conditions

Unless other special agreements are in place, the Brainlab Standard Terms & Conditions of Purchasing will apply. Other general terms and conditions (AGBs) are not accepted.

Download current Terms & Conditions – English and German


Quality Guideline

Our core values:

  • Safety first
  • Quality is for free
  • Less is more



Our global customer base necessitates compliance with all of our customers’ regional quality standards.
Brainlab takes its suppliers as seriously as its own product divisions. We instituted a mandatory Quality Assurance Agreement to ensure our suppliers understand and meet these specific regulatory demands.

Minimum requirements:
ISO 9001 Certification to supply non-medical products, or
ISO 13485 Certification, FDA and GMP conformity, to supply medical and sterile products


Brainlab Purchasing Program/Commodity Groups

The Brainlab Purchasing Department is centrally managed and based in Germany. Our procurement volumes vary from small quantities in medical systems and equipment, to medium sized quantities in special fields, such as instruments and disposables.

Our purchasing program is based on a central commodity management system that operates for all sites and product areas. The system source codes for all commodities can be found here.