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Corporate Backgrounder

“For over 30 years, our mission at Brainlab has been unwavering: to improve the care and quality of life for as many cancer patients as possible.”

Stefan Vilsmeier, Brainlab President & CEO

Brainlab technology is designed to support clinicians in treating patients with cancer and other diseases of the brain and body. With approximately 13300 systems at roughly 6000 hospitals in 121 countries, Brainlab is committed to the fight against cancer and advancing global access to consistency in treatment.

A pioneering technology company with a longstanding dedication to innovation in the fields of surgery and radiosurgery, Brainlab develops, manufactures and markets software-driven medical technology. Core products include information-guided surgery, precision radiation therapy and information and knowledge sharing that fosters interdisciplinary collaboration. Brainlab technology currently powers treatments in the fields of neurosurgery, radiosurgery/radiotherapy, ENT, CMF, spine and trauma

For more detailed information on products, please visit the technology and product pages.

Brainlab employs around 2000 employees of 79 different nationalities. The official language at Brainlab is English. Around 960 employees work in the Munich headquarters, including approximately 700 research and development engineers who form a major part of the product development team.

Employees are focused and dynamic, and together create an innovative, inspiring and supportive company culture. Important product development decisions are made as the result of an ongoing interdisciplinary exchange involving software and hardware engineers, clinical application specialists, technicians and marketing professionals.

Privately held since 1989, Brainlab has a longstanding dedication to innovation in medical technology. Visit the History page to experience over three decades of foresight in next-generation technology.

Brainlab at a Glance

  • Founded in Munich in 1989
  • Core business: medical software solutions for oncology, neurosurgery, spinal, ENT, CMF and trauma surgery
  • Roughly 6000 hospitals use Brainlab software
  • Approximately 13300 systems installed worldwide
  • About 6800 neurosurgical systems installed
  • Customers in 121 countries
  • About 2000 employees worldwide from 79 countries
  • Around 960 employees at Brainlab headquarters in Munich
  • Approximately 700 research and development engineers
  • About 400 customer service and support employees
  • 25 locations worldwide including Paris, Madrid, Milan, Tel Aviv, Sao Paulo, Chicago, Sydney, Seoul, Dubai, New Delhi, Kuala Lumpur, Tokyo, Singapore, Hong Kong, Beijing and Munich
  • Headquarters and production based in Munich, Germany

(Updated September 2021 for FY 2021)