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Brainlab at ESSFN — XXVth Congress of the European Society for Stereotactic and Functional Neurosurgery

About ESSFN 2023

The ESSFN Congress covers both clinical and basic science topics as well as probes into the future of stereotactic and functional neurosurgery. The distinguished conference faculty will cover epilepsy, pain, movement disorders and psychiatric disorders, as well as radiosurgery and non-functional stereotactic procedures for brain tumors.


What’s New at ESSFN 2023 in Stockholm?

Brainlab is proud to showcase our latest innovations in surgical environments that seamlessly incorporate different technologies into optimized functional neurosurgery workflows while leveraging the company’s legacy in data enrichment. Together with Boston Scientific, experience the latest in innovating technology for patient specific Deep Brain Stimulation.

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Lunch Symposium 2023 by Boston Scientific

Sustainably driving DBS innovation

Learn how we can push the boundaries of deep brain stimulation and shape a sustainable future together
September 29, 2023, 12:30 – 1:30 PM CET
Level 2, #C3

  • Stephan Chabardes, FR
  • Ludvic Zrinzo, UK
  • Nicholas Maling, FR


  • Rick Schurrman, NL
  • Carine Karachi, FR

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Elekta Coffee Break Workshop

Posterior trajectories with Leksell® Vantage Stereotactic System

September 28 and 29, 2023, 10 – 10:30 AM CET
Join Dr. Marie Krüger, from Queen Square, London, at her hands-on workshop, where she will walk through her approach to- and answer questions about planning and performing posterior trajectories with Leksell Vantage Stereotactic System and Brainlab Elements.
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Road to ESSFN webinar series

Brainlab Digital Operating Room

Webinar #1:
Improving Workflow Efficiency with Modern Technology

September 12, 2023, at 5 PM CET


  • Emile Simon, MD, Lyon, France
  • Peter Reinacher, MD, Freiburg, Germany

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Webinar #2:
Image Guided Planning & Referral Network Improvement

September 19, 2023, at 5 PM CET


  • Jibril Farah, MD, Liverpool, UK
  • Harith Akram, MD, PhD, London, UK

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Detailed Product Information

Functional Neurosurgery

Learn how Brainlab Elements offers advanced planning to ensure accuracy and precision at every step of the DBS workflow, from industry-leading Image Fusion, voxel-by-voxel patient Basal Ganglia Segmentation and automated 3D Lead Localization.

Our latest developments in functional planning include additions to Elements Trajectory Planning1 Cranial, Elements Stereotaxy and Elements Lead Localization.

Explore unique Brainlab solutions to advance each individual step of your epilepsy surgery procedures from hypothesis to sEEG planning to surgical intervention. With options for advanced planning and visualization tools, such as Elements Segmentation Cranial, Elements Fibertracking, Elements BOLD MRI Mapping2 and robotic platforms for epilepsy surgery and imaging, stop by the booth to learn how Brainlab can fit into your workflow at any stage.

Experience the latest development in functional robotics with the Cirq robotic arm for sEEG3. Stop by to learn how this automated robotic platform seamlessly integrates advanced Elements planning and visualization software into the surgical space with a compact, surgeon-controlled and efficient platform that utilizes intelligent software features to provide the accuracy you expect for functional neurosurgery.

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Robotic Suite

The Robotic Suite creates an ecosystem of accuracy at every step of the surgical workflow by leveraging versatile software to combine three Brainlab products with state-of-the-art modalities – high-resolution robotic imaging from Loop-X, data processing and precise navigation with Curve and automatic, stable surgical support with the next-generation robotic arm, Cirq. Each product in the Robotic Suite can be used individually, but the synchronized use of the three products can offer steady, unified and uninterrupted support during surgical procedures.

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Brainlab Digital Operating Room

Mixed Reality

Free Your Vision & Expand your Perspective.Now with Magic Leap 2.

With a glance, your room is digitized for spatial computing and images are transported from Elements Viewer software on screen into the room in front of you with the help of Magic Leap spatial computing platform. Stepping into the world of mixed reality involves the seamless cooperation of seriously powerful technology. Follow the flow of data and discover each of the interconnected components.

With Mixed Reality Viewer we provide a new way to interact with patient data in a collaborative and interactive environment providing benefit for medical data review, patient consultation, medical education and, in future, in the O.R.

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Join us at Booth #2

to discover the latest Brainlab innovations in functional neurosurgery.

See you at ESSFN in Stockholm!



Not yet commercially available in several countries (CE mark available. FDA clearance available for task-based feature only). Please contact your sales representative.

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