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Verónica García Caro
Verónica García Caro
Updated Oktober 14, 2019 2 minute read

Since we started building integrated operating rooms 20 years ago, we have worked together with over a thousand hospitals across the globe with diverse O.R. setups and challenges. Closely collaborating with many different departments, from surgery to IT to hospital administration, we have discovered many tips, tricks, techniques and trade-secrets along our Digital O.R. journey.

We learned so much, in fact, that we started to wonder how we could share this expertise with the outside world. How could we consolidate everything we’ve learned to help those O.R. project managers, clinical specialists in the O.R., or healthcare technology advocates that are about to set out on their own digital O.R. journey?

This blog was created to provide you, our reader, with information that is valuable to you. We want to give you easy access to answers that are sometimes difficult to find. What are the next big trends in digital O.R. integration? How can you make your operating room more efficient? How can you ensure that your investment in an integrated O.R. will grow and adapt as technology advances? These are just a few of the many questions we’ll address in this blog.

To create this content for you, we’ve gathered a team of experts, not just from within Brainlab, but clinical professionals from hospitals around the world including IT engineers, technology experts, physicians and O.R. personnel. We are proud to present you their insights on the hottest topics in digital operating room integration!

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