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Project Consulting

Creating an optimal integrated O.R. that perfectly suits the customer’s needs is a complex task. To be able to implement the ideal Digital O.R. integration, expert advice and guidance is an absolute must. Our experienced Digital O.R. Planning Team plays a vital role in ensuring everyone involved at the hospital—from O.R. managers to surgeons, IT and nurses—is supported by technology that will help them do their best work.

With broad expertise gained over two decades building integrated and hybrid O.R.s and nearly 300 projects implemented worldwide, Brainlab provides hands-on guidance and expert advice from the conception phase until the installation is up and running. Our highly skilled technical service team focuses on smooth installation and continuous monitoring to ensure high-end maintenance.

Project consulting for the operating room consists of three different areas: Planning, Services and Implementation


A Project Consultant from our O.R. Planning team is assigned to each Digital O.R. project. The Project Consultant is responsible for the integration until its release for clinical use and will coordinate the necessary technical support and installation team.

  • General guidance regarding image modality and room concept
  • Conceptual layout, network and routing diagrams
  • Preliminary clinical workflow concept (based on preliminary workflow analysis)
  • Assessment of compatibility of third party components and advice on constraints
  • Conceptual layouts in AutoCAD ready for inclusion in customer identified architect’s project documentation


The seamless integration of software and system products within complex hospital IT environments is key to enable smooth clinical and data workflows. Brainlab Installation Engineers and Installation Specialists bring a high level of Healthcare IT knowledge to the table in order to ensure that Brainlab technology is integrated in the best possible way.

  • Coordination of installation and training
  • Device and IT integration according to regional regulations
  • Installation of all Brainlab products (hard- and software) performed by qualified installation technicians
  • Integration with third party products and local partners (hard- and software) defined during the Consulting and Planning phase with Brainlab


The Brainlab Technical Support Team approaches projects with a keen eye for detail. Our Service Engineers and Project Consultants ensure that the Digital O.R. is not only thoroughly planned and properly installed, but that it is also being used at its full potential.

  • Regional Support on site with certified and experienced technical service engineers for optimal installation and maintenance
  • Remote support through Brainlab Connected Care and 24/7 telephone hotline
  • Network and bandwidth usage optimization
  • Implementation of customer specific HL7 interfaces
  • Development of ideal IT integration solution

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