Brainlab Successes

From Purchasing to Exhibits


Michael has been with Brainlab for over 10 years, starting out in Purchasing and later transferring to the Events & Exhibits department to find true professional fulfillment. He is living proof of all the possibilities that Brainlab can offer its employees. Here is his story:

Michael Fiala_600x340

Prior to Brainlab, I worked at an advertising agency. During that time, a friend of mine (and Brainlab employee) contacted me with a job offer. At that point, I was happy at the agency and declined the offer with thanks. About 4 months later, however, the situation changed. I contacted my friend and, lucky for me, Brainlab still needed help.

My friend put me in contact with HR – Gabi – and the same week I had my interview for a position managing RT and computer hardware within the purchasing department.

I realized very quickly that Brainlab was a perfect fit. The Director of Operations and Gabi must have thought so as well because they offered me the position even though my background was marketing-focused.

While working in the purchasing department for roughly 18 months, I not only saved costs and introduced a new reporting workflow, but also furthered my knowledge of Brainlab.

Even though I liked working in the purchasing department, as soon as I heard about an opening in the exhibit department, I had my eye on it. 

After a couple interviews with the events & exhibits department, I met with Stefan Vilsmeier. At the end of our conversation, he asked me what could make him believe that I had the technical and organizational skills for the job. My response was simple: I pointed out the window to a vintage Italian scooter and explained how I imported, rebuilt and got TÜV certification for it… all in 6 weeks. That is how everything started for me as Exhibit Coordinator in the events & exhibits department.

After a couple of days in my new position, I went to my first tradeshow. I had butterflies in my stomach, feeling the challenge of orchestrating and being responsible for a project of that scope. I knew immediately, however, that this was the best decision of my career so far. I loved it.

Three months later at the next tradeshow, I was doing the exhibit work myself!

The true success story here is how Brainlab enabled me to follow my own career and personal goals. After 10 years, I am still working in the exhibits department having spent the last 7 years in the US.