xSpot – Fast Track Registration. Seamless Workflow, Easy Handling.

May 6, 2014

Practicality and simplicity are key factors when registering images for navigation and xSpot helps make spine and trauma navigation easier than ever. The handy, autoclavable imaging device allows for fast, easy, minimally-invasive automatic registration of fluoroscopic images and pre-operative CT scans. Just hold xSpot in the X-Ray beam and orient its marker spheres toward the navigation camera. Images are automatically transferred to the navigation system and are immediately ready for navigation.

Through visualization of instruments during navigation, studies have proven that X-Ray exposure is significantly reduced, compared to conventional methods.1
Brainlab developed the xSpot for seamless use and navigation in the O.R. It is suitable for the sterile environment, supports all common C-arms and is designed for free-hand guidance. xSpot requires no fixation to the C-arm and no dedicated drapes. Large, heavy registration rings are a thing of the past; experience instead fast, reliable and easy handling with xSpot.
xSpot at a Glance:

• Minimally-invasive, intraoperative registration
• Registration of fluoroscopic images and pre-operative CT scans
• Supports all common C-arms and flat panel detector fluoroscopes
• Supports spine and trauma navigation applications
• Handheld, autoclavable device for sterile handling
• Significant radiation reduction through real time visualization of instruments