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Brainlab Announces Interoperability of ExacTrac and Varian’s Edge® System

MUNICH, April 3, 2018 – Today Brainlab announced an agreement with Varian to address interoperability of Brainlab ExacTrac® versions 5.x, 6.x and new product generations currently under development, with Varian’s Clinac® platform, TrueBeam™ and Edge® systems. To support and enhance the interoperability between the companies’ products, Brainlab and Varian will complete joint testing, [...]

Multiple Brain Metastases Patient Education Documentary Released for World Cancer Day

Film aims to inform patients about innovative therapies
MUNICH, February 1, 2018 — Even after successfully treating primary cancers, dangerous metastases can form throughout the body. Although the worldwide cancer cases are estimated to rise 50% from 2012 to 2030¹, it can still be quite challenging to find comprehensive, professional information on the internet about a cancer diagnosis, [...]

Elekta Chooses Brainlab as Exclusive Distributor in the U.S. for Stereotactic Neurosurgery Solutions

Seamless integration of established hardware with powerful software aims to streamline neurosurgical procedures
MUNICH, December 13, 2017 – Elekta (EKTA-B.ST) and Brainlab today announced an exclusive agreement in which Brainlab will become the authorized distributor of Elekta’s stereotactic solutions for neurosurgery in the United States.

Contrast Clearance Analysis Software Receives FDA 510(k) Clearance

Scientists Evaluate MR-Based Technology for Differentiating Treatment Effects
MUNICH, December 5, 2017—Brainlab announced FDA clearance of the sophisticated Contrast Clearance Analysis methodology, developed at Sheba Medical Center in Tel-Hashomer, Israel, with technology provided by Brainlab. The software analyzes MR images to differentiate regions of efficient contrast clearance from [...]

Leading European ENT Surgeons Share Best-Practices and Technological Advancements at 3rd Brainlab ENT Symposium

New technologies drive surgical innovation in functional endoscopic sinus surgery and beyond
Munich, November 23, 2017 – Brainlab recently welcomed clinicians from across Europe for the 3rd European ENT Symposium at its headquarters in Munich. The two-day educational event provided attendees with the opportunity to hear from leading physicians about best practices, participate in [...]

Over 1,000 Multiple Brain Metastases Patients Treated with Brainlab Indication-Specific Software

Improved Access to More Consistent Treatments with Latest Indication-Specific Technology
MUNICH, November 16, 2017 – Accelerated adoption of the Elements Multiple Brain Mets SRS software resulted in over 1,000 patients treated today, with the number of institutions adopting the technology and patients per site doubling in just the past eight weeks. The treatment plans, generated by this [...]

Brainlab Takes Part in MUNICH-PINK Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign

MUNICH, October 24, 2017 – Brainlab, a global leader in medical technology, took part in MUNICH-PINK last evening in support of Breast Cancer Awareness month. The company not only symbolically lit up its new headquarters in pink, but also hosted an evening event of awareness and support for affected individuals. The event, in [...]

Navigating The Future Of Neuro And Spine Technology

Brainlab hosts Neuro and Spine Symposium as platform for knowledge exchange
MUNICH, September 29, 2017 – In order to promote the exchange of information, Brainlab recently held a European Neuro and Spine Symposium attended by nearly 100 international clinicians at its headquarters in Munich. The two-day symposium brought together physicians with varying backgrounds in both spinal and [...]

Elekta and Brainlab Collaborate to Streamline Treatment Workflows for Stereotactic Radiation Therapy

Integration of Versa HD linear accelerator and ExacTrac empowers clinicians to optimize radiation therapy inside and outside the brain
SAN DIEGO, September 22, 2017 – Elekta (EKTA-B.ST) and Brainlab have reconfirmed their alliance for the integrated use of the Elekta Versa HD™ linear accelerator and Brainlab ExacTrac® patient positioning and monitoring technology. The integration of these [...]

Brainlab Announces FDA Clearance for Two New Indication-Specific Radiosurgery Software Applications

Elements Cranial SRS and Spine SRS designed for consistent and highly automated radiosurgery planning
Munich, September 21, 2017 — Brainlab announced today that it has received FDA clearance for Elements Spine SRS and Elements Cranial SRS, two software applications that aid in the patient-tailored planning of radiosurgery treatments for indications of the spine and brain. With FDA [...]

Elekta Chooses Brainlab to Distribute Stereotactic Neurosurgical Solutions within Selected Markets in Europe

Joint expanded portfolio to provide integrated and seamless products and application services
STOCKHOLM and MUNICH, June 26, 2017 – At the 17th Quadrennial Meeting of the World Society for Stereotactic and Functional Neurosurgery (WSSFN, June 26-29), Elekta (EKTA-B.ST) and Brainlab announced an agreement according to which Brainlab will be the authorized distributor of Elekta’s [...]

Experience the Novalis Difference

The one conference this year that will give you the strategies and best practices to redefine patient treatment is the 7th International Conference of the Novalis Circle.

With presentations from over 40 of the industry’s most curious, creative and renowned minds, the Novalis Circle Meeting is guaranteed to give you the tools you can use in your everyday practice [...]

Steady Suction with Navigated Disposable Biopsy Needle

The Disposable Biopsy Needle is designed for navigated removal of tissue samples in frameless neurosurgery procedures. The elaborate redesign increases safety and confidence while the pre-calibrated geometry allows for instant navigation.

The new diameter and improved material of the O-Ring create a more robust seal. This contributes to a [...]

TRAMs for Neuro-Oncological Decision-Making

Elements TRAMs (Treatment Response Assessment Maps) supports clinicians in differentiating tumor progression from treatment effects, such as radiation necrosis. The novel MRI-based methodology utilizes two acquisitions of standard T1-weighted MRI taken after injection of a contrast agent at both 5 minutes and 60 - 105 [...]

Insights into the Future of Brainlab in Radiosurgery

The year 2016 brought full circle a journey that Brainlab started four years ago: Reinventing our products and ourselves in the radiosurgery market. In 48 months, we’ve created a revolutionary portfolio of completely new products that are simple and granular, à la carte and indication-specific.

As we begin 2017, Stefan Vilsmeier, [...]

Goodbye, Feldkirchen. Hello, Riem!

FROM JANUARY 1, 2017, FIND US AT OUR BRAND NEW HQBrainlab has outgrown its office space in Feldkirchen. Starting January 1st, Brainlab will operate out of its new 24,000 m2 facility in Riem at the site of the former Munich airport encompassing the historic control tower, only a few kilometers from its current headquarters.

Innovation is about people. The new office is [...]

World Forum for Medicine

VISIT BRAINLAB AT MEDICA 2016Get an exclusive perspective on the Brainlab Digital O.R. environment and learn how our simplified, state-of-the-art solutions can provide maximized support for operating room workflows.
Gain deeper insight into DICOM Viewer 3D Stereo and experience how to view, manipulate and reconstruct images to 3D stereo renderings flexibly in the O.R. or the office with [...]

Neurosurgery Developments in the Treatment of High Grade Gliomas

DISCOVER HOW BRAINLAB TECHNOLOGY CONTINUES TO DEFINE NEW TREATMENT OPPORTUNITIES FOR PATIENTS WITH RECURRENT DISEASEThe Novalis® Circle invites you to join a symposium during the 21st Annual Meeting and Education Day of the Society for Neuro-Oncology (SNO) in Scottsdale. Our event will be hosted in the Dorado Room of the Fairmont Princess Hotel on Friday, November 18th from 5:30 – 7:30 [...]

Experience Innovations in Imaging, Image Review and Planning

Join Brainlab for a look at our latest technologies for image review, imaging, navigation and planning at NASS 2016.

Experience a new dimension of image visualization and treatment plan review with Elements DICOM Viewer 3D Stereo. With adaptable system setup for the O.R. or office, stereoscopic 3D views provide deeper anatomical insights [...]

Experience the Latest in Image Review, Intraoperative Spine Imaging and Navigation

VISIT BRAINLAB AT EUROSPINE 2016Join Brainlab for a look at our latest technologies for image review, imaging and navigation at EUROSPINE 2016.

Experience a new dimension of image visualization and treatment plan review with Brainlab DICOM Viewer 3D Stereo. With adaptable system setup for the O.R. or office, stereoscopic 3D views provide deeper anatomical insights [...]

Optimize Planning Processes for Cranial and Spinal Indications

Brainlab will be showcasing the new Elements Cranial and Spine SRS software at this year’s Annual Congress of the French Society of Radiation Oncology (SFRO) in Paris.

Elements Cranial SRS* a unique application that optimizes the treatment planning process for various cranial indications. With the implementation of a 4π algorithm into the software, [...]

Explore the New Website

COMMUNICATE, COLLABORATE, ENGAGENovalis® Circle is now better than ever. We are very excited to announce the relaunch of for all Novalis Program users. While the web address remains the same,, the re-designed site offers new ways to engage with peers and a next-generation platform to communicate, collaborate, engage and develop new ideas.

As a global [...]