Anatomical structures and elastic fusion

Paradigm-shifting new Anatomical Mapping labels brain tissue classes without gaps – enabling robust segmentation of anatomical structures and sustainable elastic fusions that respect anatomical environment and indication of use.


segmentAtion cranial

Elemental to Treatment Planning, our new Segmentation Cranial flexibly adapts to various anatomies and modalities and provides anatomical structures with high consistency and accuracy.  

  • Anatomical Mapping of Cranial MR datasets with thorough matching of all tissue classes
  • Labeling of literally every voxel—leaves no room for blind spots and makes anatomical registration universally transparent
  • Unique technology based on a patented Synthetic Tissue Model that manages imaging and anatomical diversity
  • Automatic Segmentation of all relevant anatomical brain structures for high quality treatment plans
  • Efficient and consistent automation of time-consuming contouring process
  • Intuitive, easy-to-use review and editing tools

Image Fusion with Cranial Distortion Correction

MR distortion correction* for more accurate co-registrations enables high-precision contouring and Fibertracking across modalities.
Deformable co-registration with distinct focus compensates for distortions in MR datasets.

  • Multi-modal deformable co-registration of Cranial MR data sets to a reference planning CT
  • Enables tumor outlining on distortion-corrected MRs for better SRS target definition
  • Correction of DTI sequences to increase Fibertracking precision
  • Makes Regions-Of-Interest setting and local rigid fusions obsolete
  • Quality Assurance by visualization of location and magnitude of MR distortions
  • Immediate comparison of rigid vs. distortion corrected results
Automatic fusion of numerous modalities


Consider every angle with Brainlab Elements Image Fusion. Dataset correlation brings the plan together for indispensable definition and contouring.

  • Fully automated and highly accurate image fusion
  • Mutual information algorithm for dataset correlation within seconds
  • Region-of-interest definition for dataset correlation on areas with similar anatomy
  • Flexibility to contour on any datasets 


work in progress