Brainlab Elements

“It’s Elementary”

Brainlab Elements are efficient, effective, à la carte software modules serving clinical specialties from Neurosurgery to Radiation Oncology.

Modular suite of powerful software applications
Fast and comprehensive multi-modal nidus definition


Smartbrush Angio¹ is dedicated to faster and more comprehensive definition of a cranial nidus. Automatic color-coding of the blood flow in 2D dynamic angiographies allows for clear visual differentiation of the nidus from related arteries and draining veins. An innovative fusion with focus on vascular structures co-registers additional 3D data and subsequently enables multi-modal nidus definition.

  • Support of diagnostic 2D dynamic angiographies even without localizer
  • Color-coded blood flow to differentiate nidus from related arteries and draining veins
  • Automatic 3D vessel segmentation in contrast enhanced volumetric image sets
  • Vascular co-registration matching 3D data to unlocalized 2D dynamic angiographies
  • Automatic volumetric nidus segmentation and seamless refinement possibilities
Outlining of pathological structure in the brain


Paint a picture worth a thousand words using SmartBrush. Intelligent computer-assisted tumor outlining deeply expands target definition, incorporating multiple modalities and exploiting multi-planar volume definition.

  • Immediate and interactive target delineation
  • Streamlined, multi-planar volume definition
  • Smart contour expansion with click of mouse or touch of finger
  • Multiple modalities simultaneously considered in outlining
Automatic fusion of numerous modalities

Image Fusion

Consider every angle with Brainlab Elements Image Fusion. Dataset correlation brings the plan together for indispensable definition and contouring.

  • Fully automated and highly accurate image fusion
  • Mutual information algorithm for dataset correlation within seconds
  • Region-of-interest definition for dataset correlation on areas with similar anatomy
  • Flexibility to contour on any datasets
Automatic atlas selection based on a body part detection

Atlas Segmentation

Define the case from the start with fully automated knowledge-based anatomical segmentation. Elemental to any radiotherapy workflow, Atlas Segmentation provides a highly accurate series of labeled structures for user review and editing.

  • High accuracy with knowledge-based anatomical atlas segmentation
  • High quality treatment plans with consistent auto-contouring
  • Efficient automation of time-consuming contouring process
  • Immediate view of anatomical environment with effective data preprocessing
Thorough dose-to-target and dose-to-critical-structures reviews possibilities

Dose Review

Branch out beyond the normal reassurance with Brainlab Dose Review. Obtain a solid overview or dive into details when assessing target coverage and dose spread into critical structures. Novel illuminate options ease the comparison of alternative radiotherapy approaches and offer new possibilities for reassurance prior to treatment.

  • Review of dose to target and critical structures
  • Zoom-adaptive dose display
  • Dose-volume histograms for detailed plan review
  • Comparison of plan alternatives
Brainlab Elements DICOM Viewer

DICOM Viewer

Brainlab Elements DICOM Viewer. Streamlined access to patient data sets fundamentally informs every planning and decision-making process.

  • Fast and easy access to medical image data
  • Quick and direct interaction with DICOM images
  • Simplified user interface supporting multi-touch gestures
  • Rapid learning curve with intuitive usability
  • Advanced 3D Viewer supports procedures that require a high level of spatial anatomic orientation

Dicom Viewer 3D Stereo with Display Cart

DICOM Viewer 3D Stereo

DICOM Viewer 3D Stereo is an advanced viewing software that provides deep anatomical insight with on-the-fly 3D views. The software can be used in various setups and can play a beneficial role inside or outside the operating room.

  • Review images and treatment plans with stereoscopic 3D views
  • True 3D representation of images and objects  
  • Designed for office and O.R. use
  • Supports spatial understanding of pathology e.g. for Aneurysm or AVM
  • Available with mobile cart and 55″ 3D display with 4K resolution as add-on to Curve™ 1.1 and Buzz®



Smartbrush Angio – Not available in the US Market