spine-dedicated segmentation, image fusion and volumetric outlining

Automated functionalities enable effective and straightforward pre-planning for spinal radiosurgery with emphasis on shielding the critical spinal cord while tightly fitting a steep dose gradient around select segments of the vertebral body

Contouring Elements Icons



Anatomical Mapping Based on Synthetic Tissue Model

Segmentation spine

Automatic segmentation of spinal anatomy fundamentally streamlines extracranial treatment planning and serves standardization. Segmentation and labeling of spinal structures enables automatic CTV calculation and preservation of critical structures.

  • Anatomical Mapping of extracranial CT scans based on patented Synthetic Tissue Model 
  • Robust registration using the Synthetic Tissue Model that completely considers the anatomical tissue environment in this complex extracranial region
  • Automatic segmentation and labeling of vertebrae including sector separation
  • Segmentation of critical structures like Spinal Cord, Cauda Equina and Spinal Canal
  • Provides anatomical understanding for automatic spine CTV calculation
  • Allows easy user orientation in 3D views


Image Fusion with Spine Curvature Correction

Image fusion with spine curvature correction*

Multi-level vertebrae matching along the spine enables multi-modal contouring and CTV definition. Deformable co-registration is built on universal Anatomical Mapping, which provides fundamental understanding of deformable and non-deformable tissues.

  • Automatic Elastic Fusion tailored and validated for multi-level vertebrae co-registration
  • Applies individual fusions per vertebrae enabled by thorough tissue classification
  • Matches MR-CT or CT-CT while compensating for different spine curvatures
  • Enables multi-modal tumor definitions


Automated Target Definition with Smartbrush Spine

smartbrush spine*

Smartbrush Spine software consistently and rapidly creates target volumes by automatically applying the International Spine Consortium Guidelines for the Elements Spine SRS* workflow.

  • Automated target definition based on International Spine Consortium Guidelines
  • Direct segment inclusion / exclusion on 3D spine sector visualization
  • 3D contouring with intuitive edge detection
  • Optimized visualization with gallery view
  • Relevant planning structures prepared and updated (CTV, OARs)
  • Consistent workflow supports established guidelines and promotes patient safety


*Work in progress.