Intelligent Computer-assisted outlining

Brainlab Elements for interactive segmentation are state-of-the-art contouring, planning & treatment follow-up applications for image guided surgery, radiosurgery and radiotherapy.

Smartbrush - quick and easy volumetric outlining


Smartbrush enables the quick and easy volumetric outlining of pathologies and anatomical structures in medical images.

  • Immediate and interactive target delineation
  • Streamlined, multi-planar volume definition
  • Smart contour expansion with click of mouse or touch of finger
  • Multiple modalities simultaneously considered in outlining

Smartbrush Angio


Smartbrush Angio* is dedicated to faster and more comprehensive definition of a cranial nidus. Automatic color-coding of the blood flow in 2D dynamic angiographies allows for clear visual differentiation of the nidus from related arteries and draining veins. An innovative fusion with focus on vascular structures co-registers additional 3D data and subsequently enables multi-modal nidus definition.

  • Support of diagnostic 2D dynamic angiographies even without localizer
  • Color-coded blood flow to differentiate nidus from related arteries and draining veins
  • Automatic 3D vessel segmentation in contrast enhanced volumetric image sets
  • Vascular co-registration matching 3D data to unlocalized 2D dynamic angiographies
  • Automatic volumetric nidus segmentation and seamless refinement possibilities


With Fibertracking, users are able more than ever to easily enrich anatomical images with detailed information about eloquent white matter structures.

  • Processes and visualizes Diffusion Tensor Imaging (DTI) data to advance treatment planning
  • New Brain Projection view enables direct review and direct functional planning by creating a region of interest on the Cortex
  • Dynamic live tracking in 2D, 3D and the Brain Projection
  • Optimization of traditional object-based tracking through drag-and-drop selections with instant update of results


pending FDA clearance