ExacTrac X-Ray, a fast and precise imaging system with robust 6D fusion, is well-suited to the complexities of spinal radiosurgery, ensuring that vertebrae are well visualized and accurately aligned, even during beam-on.

Selective Anatomical Fusion

selective anatomical fusion

The Volume of Interest (VOI) tool improves clinical accuracy and confidence in image fusion by focusing on the most relevant anatomy. The user can exclude areas such as ribs, adjacent vertebrae or other non-rigidly correlated objects from the 6D fusion, ensuring precise patient setup. The defined VOI is automatically used for subsequent imaging during setup and to monitor intrafractional motion.

  • Focus on relevant anatomy provides improved targeting
  • Exclusion of non-rigidly correlated objects removes potential inaccuracies
  • Consistent fusion results for better targeting
Non-coplanar Verification for Spine

non-coplanar verification

Spinal radiosurgery involves the planning and subsequent delivery of a highly conformal treatment which often entails non-coplanar treatment fields. ExacTrac can independently verify the patient’s position at non-coplanar angles, eliminating verification limitations due to couch or gantry angles.

  • No compromise on planning technique due to in-room image verification constraints
  • No image limitations due to non-coplanar fields
  • Deviations detected at non-coplanar fields can be corrected automatically from outside the treatment room
Motion Control for Spine


Spinal radiosurgery patients often suffer from severe pain which can make immobilization challenging. Deviations or unintended shifts from the prescribed treatment position are automatically detected during treatment delivery and immediately displayed to the user.

  • Possibly to define patient specific X-Ray thresholds
  • Multiple X-Ray acquisitions during treatment delivery
  • Software automatically alerts the user when pre-defined tolerance is exceeded