Multiple Brain Mets Contouring

Efficient pre-planning for automated RADIOSURGERY

Fast, intuitive planning tools provide the flexibility to configure templates according to individual clinical protocols

Segmentation cranial - adapts to various anatomies and modalities

ELEMENTS segmentAtion cranial

Essential for treatment planning, Elements Segmentation Cranial easily adapts to different anatomies and modalities, while consistently and accurately contouring anatomical structures.

  • Anatomical Mapping of Cranial MR datasets with thorough matching of all tissue classes
  • Universally transparent anatomical registration by labeling every voxel and thereby leaving no room for blind spots
  • Imaging and anatomical diversity managed by unique technology based on a patented Synthetic Tissue Model
  • Relevant anatomical brain structures automatically segmented for high quality treatment plans
  • Efficient and consistent automation of time-consuming contouring process
  • Intuitive, user-friendly tools for reviewing and editing
Image Fusion with Cranial Distortion Correction

Elements Image Fusion with Cranial Distortion Correction

More accurate co-registrations through MR Distortion Correction* enable high-precision contouring and fiber tracking across modalities. Deformable co-registration with distinct focus compensates for distortions in MR datasets.

  • Multi-modal deformable co-registration of cranial MR datasets to a reference CT or MR
  • Enables tumor outlining on distortion-corrected MRs for better SRS target definition
  • Visualization of location and magnitude of MR distortions for quality assurance
  • Instant comparison of rigid vs. distortion corrected results
Smartbrush - quick and easy volumetric outlining


Elements SmartBrush enables fast and easy volumetric outlining of pathologies and anatomical structures in medical images through interactive, multi-planar 3D tumor contouring.

  • Initial setup simplified by anomaly detection
  • Intelligent interpolation and contour propagation
  • Multi-modal contouring in Side-by-Side Views
  • Tumor Volume Report with calculation of RECIST and McDonald criteria


*CE released, FDA clearance pending