Image Sharing and Collaboration

With access to PACS and treatment planning applications, Quentry streamlines medical image and document sharing workflows with powerful web and mobile tools

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Advanced image sharing and collaboration platform

Secure medical data exchange

Quentry® is an online service by Brainlab for image transfer, sharing and collaboration. It provides physicians a safe environment to access, control and share diagnostic images and documents. Built on a secure, HIPAA-compliant infrastructure, Quentry supports clinicians throughout the referral, diagnosis, planning and treatment workflow. Physicians can join and connect with each other for free and build a medical referral network, either for individual or hospital use.

  • Improved patient data management
  • Improved collaboration
  • Access to pre-operative treatment planning applications
  • Enhanced solution for referral generation capture
  • Assists in creating referral networks
Patient-centric data organization optimized for clinical

Supports images and Documents

Quentry enables physicians to organize and manage divergent sources of patient imaging into one secure location, accessible from anywhere. Quentry is released as a medical device in more than 90 countries and allows collaboration with specialists and referrals down the hall or across the ocean.

  • Provides multiple ways to transfer files
  • Supports multiple image and file types including DICOM, JPG, PNG, TXT, PDF and DOC
  • Medical images and documents can be transferred to individuals or groups
Access advanced viewing controls with MPR, CINE and measurement functions

web-based and mobile viewer

With Quentry, data is available anytime, anywhere. The integrated web-based DICOM viewer gives Quentry users the freedom to access medical images from any internet-connected computer, and facilitates collaborative or remote treatment planning and review.
Quentry Mobile allows users to view medical images including MR, CT, and X-Ray; open document attachments, enter comments, and control sharing using an iPhone® or iPad® ¹.

  • Integrated web-based DICOM viewer with advanced feature set
  • Easy use and support of multiple modalities, such as MR, CT, PET, CR, DX and ECHO
  • Free mobile app for iPhone & iPad
Powerful Brainlab clinical planning & enrichment tools

web-based planning applications

Quentry goes beyond basic sharing of images by integrating with powerful treatment planning tools. Using clinical applications provided by Brainlab allows users to maximize the potential of patient images and provide comprehensive information.

  • Remote and flexible access to pre-operative planning and enrichment applications
  • Tailored packages are available depending on needs and can be licensed on flexible subscription basis
  • Integrated with a modular suite of imaging elements
Access images directly on digital O.R. systems

data synchronization across platforms

Seamless access to Quentry data from Brainlab image-guided surgery and Digital O.R. systems allows clinical personnel to access patient images and data across devices and locations. Collaboration and consultation will be improved as data is available directly in the O.R., treatment room and/or consultation room. Hospital PACS are also supported and integration for direct and easy image exchange will be ensured.

  • Direct access of patient data from Quentry in the O.R. on Brainlab platforms, such as Buzz™, Curve™ and Kick®
  • Flexible transfer of enriched or updated information across devices and locations
  • Improved collaborative planning and consultation
  • Direct PACS access with downloadable desktop and server-based applications for efficient data retrieval, transfer, and storage


The Quentry Mobile app is a medical device. It is licensed by Brainlab for medical image review. The application is not intended for diagnostic interpretation using mobile devices.