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ENT and CMF Surgery products

Brainlab brings powerful and innovative surgical navigation technology to the ENT and CMF specialties, providing surgeons with the advanced image enrichment and visualization needed to perform complex and delicate procedures.

The intuitive user interfaces, automated workflows and advanced imaging that are the backbone of Brainlab image-guided surgery afford ease-of-use and unlock the power of diagnostic, surgical and post-operative patient data. Completely automated platform and software integration helps clinicians fully leverage available information in an era in which data is continuously growing in volume and complexity. Brainlab platforms are available with optical or electromagnetic (EM) tracking.

Brainlab ENT Navigation offers advanced 3D displays, user-friendly touch-based and touchless patient registration options and real-time virtual anatomy updates. Surgeons can continuously track surgical instruments during procedures such as functional endoscopy sinus surgery (FESS). In craniomaxillofacial surgeries—trauma, congenital, tumor and removal of foreign bodies—the indications for the application of ‘virtual’ surgery planning are ever expanding. Brainlab CMF Planning Software quickly and accurately bridges the gap between pre-operative planning and intraoperative navigation, allowing surgeons to virtually pre-plan the entire procedure and then perform an image-guided realization. During the procedure, Brainlab navigation can be used to verify the desired surgical outcome.