ENT Navigation Application

Electromagnetic ENT Navigation

Kick EM offers electromagnetic surgical navigation with no line of sight issues for ENT sinus procedures

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Kick EM ENT Navigation
Electromagnetic ENT navigation by Brainlab with integrated HD endoscope video

Easy-to-Use Navigation

With advanced setup flexibility, Brainlab electromagnetic ENT navigation system allows surgeons to perform procedures in their preferred setup. Enhanced visualization with an integrated endoscope and continuously tracking surgical instruments during functional endoscopy sinus surgery (FESS). ENT navigation enables surgeons to achieve better results through more complete resections.

  • Animated workflow guidance ensures a smooth procedure
  • Navigation based on DICOM or enriched DICOM data
  • Higher precision, cost-effective treatments, with lower revision occurrence

Fast and Intuitive Setup

Kick® EM is developed for electromagnetic navigated ENT sinus surgery. Its minimalistic design makes Kick EM portable and easy to setup. Kick EM consists of three parts: the field generator, the connection panel and the Kick monitor cart. The field generator, fixed on a positioning plate for optimized patient setup, creates the electromagnetic field around the patient’s head.

Mounted with secure hooks to the O.R. table, the connection panel is the interface between the tracking unit and the navigation system. A step-by-step animated workflow guides the user through the setup steps and the surgical procedure.

  • Large tracking volume
  • 3 different positions for field generator
  • HD Video integration for endoscope
  • OR table rail mountable interface box provides high set-up flexibility
  • 21.5” full HD drapable touch display
  • Compact and portable
Simple surface matching patient registration with EM Pointer

Streamlined Registration

Brainlab electromagnetic ENT navigation offers a precise, workflow-guided process for registering the patient with the system. Simple registration with EM Pointer enables smooth surface matching. The remote capability of EM Pointer allows the surgeon to progress through all registration steps without touching the navigation monitor. EM Pointer registers CT and MR images without headsets or markers, negating the need for registration scans.

• Fast surface matching with EM Pointer
• Pre-operative landmark registration
• Registration with or without markers
• Quality verification with intraoperative landmark registration


Electromagnetic Instrument Navigation

The EM instrument adapter integrates 3rd party and Brainlab instruments¹, such as curved or straight pointers and various suctions, with the navigation system. Instrument tip calibration, is accomplished in seconds with the Brainlab ENT navigation software without the need to use footswitches or drop down menus. 

  • Integration of 3rd party instruments with EM Instrument Adapter
  • Large tracking volume for optimized tracking of instruments
  • Straightforward integration with re-usable instrument reference
  • Integrate up to 3 instruments simultaneously
  • Point to point distance indication of tracked instruments
  • Dedicated Brainlab pointer tips and suctions for numerous procedures

Advanced optical ENT navigation

Brainlab also offers optical navigation and gives ENT surgeons the freedom to choose their preferred tracking technology to perform their procedures.
Brainlab optical navigation offers advanced touchless surface matching with Z-touch®, a wireless handheld laserpointer, for combined accuracy and convenience while quickly registering the patient.
Brainlab optical adapter clamps, together with the universal instrument integration matrix, enable the integration of rigid instruments into the optical navigation procedure, such as Blakesley forceps, suctions, microdebriders and tubes.

  • Choice between electromagnetic and optical navigation
  • Navigation-ready in less than 3 minutes
  • Combined surface matching registration
  • Point to point distance indication of tracked instruments
  • Seamless  integration of Olympus PK diego® dissector system with optical navigation

powerful expansion options

To address the clinical demand for precision and speed, Brainlab offers customized electromagnetic ENT navigation software packages with enhanced functionality that go beyond sinus surgery. Brainlab electromagnetic ENT navigation offers seamless integration with the next generation of technologies, from integrated endoscopic video, to preoperative planning tools. Brainlab focuses on versatility to approach interdisciplinary collaboration, allowing surgeons to focus on patient needs.

  • Maximum flexibility with pre-operative planning
  • Fast integration of surgical devices
  • Expandable integrated functionalities with Buzz™ Digital O.R.
  • Further treatment using intraoperative data to optimize interdisciplinary collaboration with neurosurgery, CMF or radiotherapy department



Instrument compatibility is automatically verified during calibration process.