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Neurosurgery Products

When Brainlab first introduced neurosurgery software 25 years ago, a neurosurgeon who needed software was viewed as not a good neurosurgeon. Today, a neurosurgeon who does certain procedures without the proper software is viewed as not a good neurosurgeon. Brainlab has forged, built upon and benefited from the evolution of neurosurgical practices.

Since the company’s first mouse-controlled, menu-driven surgical planning and navigation software was released, Brainlab has been constantly innovating in the neurosurgical space. Working closely with thousands of customers in more than 80 countries has yielded innovations like CT/MR fusion, passive markers, touch screen displays and laser surface registration which are all now standard of care. As a result of this continuous drive to introduce new technologies and evolve the industry, all 10 of the top ranked hospitals for neurology and neurosurgery in the US, according to US News & World Report, use Brainlab surgical navigation technology.

Brainlab Cranial Software is designed for both routine and complex surgical procedures, with intuitive user interfaces and automated workflows. Groundbreaking Elements surgical apps help surgeons make the most of patient data during pre-operative planning. Platforms like Curve™ Image-Guided Surgery, Kick® Purely Navigation, Airo® Mobile Intraoperative CT and Buzz™ Digital O.R., are transforming the surgical space and becoming integral to daily life in the O.R.

Brainlab is about to introduce a series of software tools that will again revolutionize the user experience.