Intraoperative Ultrasound

Real-time updates

Brainlab neuronavigation combines with ultrasound imaging devices for intraoperative updates of patient data in real-time.

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Integration of ultrasound probe with Brainlab neuronavigation
Brainlab Cranial Navigation Software with ultrasound overlay

Intraoperative Live Imaging

Neurosurgery is fluctuating by nature. A preoperatively acquired data set may be outdated only minutes after surgery begins due to various associated factors. Intraoperative updates of data are essential in neurosurgery. While most preoperative images are either CT or MR, data sets may also be updated using intraoperative ultrasound. Brainlab ultrasound integration features live anatomical images that are overlaid directly onto preoperative data.

  • More confidence through live advanced resection control and brain shift compensation
  • Brainlab Ultrasound Integration utilizes existing ultrasound systems
  • Neuronavigation provides probe orientation for easy image interpretation
  • Composite views of intraoperative ultrasound images and reformatted CT or MR images
Selection of integrated ultrasound probes

True Compatibility

Brainlab Ultrasound Integration upgrades any compatible 2D ultrasound system with 3D functionality. The Brainlab open-platform technology offers facilities more ultrasound choices as the navigation system integrates with a multitude of ultrasound probes from multiple vendors.

  • Navigation in axial, coronal, sagittal and other reconstruction views based on intraoperatively acquired ultrasound images
  • Integration with 40 individual probes from over 10 vendors
  • Supported ultrasound vendors include BK Medical, Hitachi-Aloka, GE, Toshiba and others