Microscope Integration

Seamless Viewing. Increased Functionality.

Navigation made easy with pre-planned objects injected into the microscope ocular.

Neuronavigation with neurosurgery microscope integration
Microscope integration with neuronavigation

Freedom of Choice

Recognizing that neurosurgeons perform most of their procedures while looking through a microscope and not at the navigation screen, Brainlab Cranial navigation software supports all major neurosurgery microscopes with improved image integration. Passive markers attached to the microscope enable positional tracking, allowing for ergonomic position orientation, as well as autofocus on the navigated tool.

  • View all relevant information through the microscope
  • Integrated imaging allows for more minimally invasive surgery options
  • Support of all major providers of neurosurgery microscopes
Neuronavigation displaying Microscope Depthview

Navigation Display Options

Brainlab Microscope Integration offers unique navigation features. Microscope Depthview is a reconstruction of original CT or MR datasets in the microscope’s angle of view on the neuronavigation system screen. On-screen video overlays show all of the information visible through the ocular—anatomy and injected objects—directly on the navigation screen.

  • Eloquent fiber tracking information provided in the Heads-up display
  • Navigation views according to microscope’s position/orientation
  • Microscope (video) displayed on the navigation screen
Microscope handle control buttons

Microscope Views and Controls

Brainlab Microscope Integration offers ergonomic viewing when switching between live and pre-operative anatomical images. When the shutter is closing, a select part of the navigation screen is shown in the microscope. Neurosurgeons have remote control access to the navigation software through the microscope’s handle control buttons, available on most neurosurgical microscopes, ensuring more efficient workflows.

  • Uninterrupted viewing without missing information
  • All-in-one device control
Integrated microscope tracked my neuronavigation camera

Motorized Alignment Functions

Brainlab supports motorized microscopes with automatic alignment to any navigated instrument. The microscope head moves autonomously in X/Y direction—starting at any position until it reaches its new position—with center and focus on the navigated tool.

  • Fully automatic alignment of microscope head in X/Y direction
  • Support of motorized microscopes
  • Store any focus point for automatic re-positioning of the microscope