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Platform Products

With a complete portfolio designed to meet a broad range of clinical demands, Brainlab platforms allow surgeons to tailor their operating room technology to meet workflow and patient management needs. All introduced in 2012 or later, Brainlab platforms are not only state-of-the-art, but share a new operating system (OS) that was developed from the ground up. This OS facilitates intelligent synchronization of data between the platforms and offers easy access to all new software capabilities being developed today.

By creating true “plug and play” building blocks, Brainlab enables any institution to take a giant step toward the operating room of the future while also increasing the power to foster collaboration and potentially improve patient outcomes.

Curve™ Image Guided Surgery is the ultimate command and control system for information-guided surgery, transforming navigation in the O.R. with smart ergonomics, dual multi-directional touch terminals, full HD screen resolution and hi-fi. Kick® Purely Navigation boasts a small footprint and straightforward software control to help clinicians keep their focus on the patient; the system is available with either optical or electromagnetic (EM) tracking. Airo® Mobile Intraoperative CT, a mobile, diagnostic-quality CT scanner designed for surgeons and intended for use in the O.R., is yet another example of how Brainlab is and will continue to maximize the impact of intraoperative information for surgical decision-making. Buzz® Digital O.R. displays and enhances DICOM images and pre-fetches patient data, allowing clinicians to route video sources and content, stream and record videos and much more with the touch of a finger.