Powerful, portable and minimalistic surgical navigation system for surgeons seeking focused functionality

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Flexible system components of Kick with separate monitor and camera cart
Kick navigation system with separate camera stand

Sleek and Powerful Navigation

Kick® is the small, sleek and powerful navigation system that completes the Brainlab surgery platform portfolio. Shift easily between applications and dart between operating rooms; with its engineered minimalism, Kick is an ideal solution for navigation purists.

  • Sleek design with high performance
  • Drapeable full HD touch display
  • Intuitive, patient-centric Brainlab control concept
  • Compatible with all current Brainlab navigation applications
  • Optical tracking with laser guidance
  • Light-weight, compact and portable
  • Expandable with Brainlab Buzz® 
Kick User Interface allows easy access to full functionality

Smart Connections

The operating system and user interface of Kick offer an intuitive way to access various applications. The system is compatible with all current Brainlab software and allows easy connection to external devices like endoscopes for combined functionality in the O.R.

  • Patient-centric data handling for optimized system operation and intuitive usability
  • Easy upload and storage of patient data
  • High speed network ports for access to PACS and network based devices
  • Quick integration of surgical devices
  • Central home button and drag & drop display simplified for content management and intuitive system control
Pairing between Kick and Buzz

Extended Functionality

Kick can easily be combined with Buzz, the digital O.R. from Brainlab which opens doors to even more features, like HD streaming and recording, web portal and other possible O.R. integration.

  • Expand with Buzz
  • Remote control between Kick and Buzz
  • Integrated O.R. functionalities
  • Stream and record
  • View and enrich images