Brainlab Environmental Program

Together we have made good green progress in our programs since beginning in September 2016:

Energy and Water Management

Brainlab Headquarters was accredited with the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Certificate level Gold, the second highest of four possible levels.
This LEED benchmark is widely used around the world for the design and construction of sustainable, ecological buildings.

Our new office clearly undercuts local standards by using less energy and consuming less water, while having generated low amounts of pollution during construction and a large percentage of recycled construction waste.
A sample of further features which contributed are: installation of ground water heat pumps, contract with renewable energy provider, good access to public transportation, support of alternative transportation with bicycle storage and changing rooms, charging stations for e-cars, vegetated roofs and water saving sanitary installations.

In addition, the number of environmentally friendly cleaning agents used was extended.

Waste Management

Brainlab implemented considerably improved waste separation in the Headquarters offices, restaurant, kitchens and cafés.

The reuse of packaging material for internal shipments has been facilitated.

A digital user guide portal was released in July 2017 covering various products with the aim to reduce printing.

Health and Safety

Brainlab designed and maintains for employees a gym based on functional training with personal trainers. The concept supports Brainlab employees in living and working in a healthy manner.

Eco Design

Brainlab has implemented new criteria for developing environmentally conscious products.