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DGHNO 2017

88. Jahresversammlung der Deutschen Gesellschaft für HNO-Heilkunde, Kopf- und Hals-Chirurgie e.V.

Nordic ENT 2017


It is our pleasure to introduce you to Brainlab’s solutions for ENT surgery: advancements in Elements planning as Elements Smartbrush Intelligent Anatomy Finder, which takes you directly to intra-op navigation. With Kick we offer to you a portable, streamlined and minimalistic surgical navigation system for surgeons seeking focused functionality with the choice of both common tracking technologies in ENT navigation: electromagnetic and optical.


At this year’s DGHNO, Brainlab will be presenting the latest technology in the field of ENT:

Paint a picture worth a thousand words using Elements SmartBrush – Intelligent Anatomy Finder. Intelligent and computer-assisted outlining for tumors, sinus cells and risk structures deeply expands target definition by incorporating multiple modalities and exploiting multi-planar volume definition.

Elements DICOM Viewer 3D Stereo offers a fresh way to visualize images and treatment plans. With the possibility of adaptable system setup in the O.R. or office, stereoscopic 3D views provide deeper anatomical insights on-the-fly. Be sure to stop by the Brainlab booth and put on a pair of 3D glasses to experience this new dimension of image and plan review.

Kick® EM is developed for electromagnetic navigated ENT sinus surgery. Its minimalistic design makes Kick EM portable and easy to setup. Kick EM consists of three parts: the field generator, the connection panel and the Kick monitor cart. The field generator, fixed on a positioning plate for optimized patient setup, creates the electromagnetic field around the patient’s head.

Buzz® the digital O.R. from Brainlab is the clever central multi-touch information hub that routes, displays, interacts, streams, records and enhances medical images, software content and videos.
With its unambiguous, practical touch interface and broad range of features, Buzz is prepped for every O.R.

Stop by Brainlab Booth #80 to explore our latest solutions!

Brainlab Symposium

Hosted by Medineering and Brainlab

Meet leading clinicians and enjoy presentations on the latest techniques in the ENT surgery.


Robotische Assistenz in der endo- und transnasalen Chirugie

Prof. Dr. med. Patrick Schuler
Universitätsklinikum Ulm
Prof. Dr. med. Christian Betz
Klinikum der Universität München
Prof. Dr. med. Omid Majdani
Klinikum Wolfsburg

Innovative Softwareentwicklungen, welche Ihre klinische Arbeit vereinfachen

Priv.-Doz. Dr. med. Klaus Stelter
RoMed Klinik Bad Aibling


Friday, May 26th 2017
2:30 PM – 3:15 PM


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May 27, 2017
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