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Radiological Society of North America

Charting a collaborative course now, for the future of healthcare

Collectively and individually, the Brainlab companies are dedicated to making an impact in healthcare. Connecting opportunities from emerging digital medical technologies allows us to transform healthcare at scale and improve the lives of patients worldwide.

The digital patient journey powered by the Brainlab companies

Together we harness the technological innovation required to improve the 360° patient journey with solutions for routine clinical care and research that enable more effective use of medical data at the intersection of patients and their providers.

Our solutions span digital surgery, robotic suites, operating room integration, and radiotherapy, and feature imaging, mixed reality, digitalization, and robotics across all fields.

Brainlab companies include standardized and structured radiological reporting, the first health tech B2B platform, medical video games advancing the practice of medicine through play, and overarching population health initiatives like patient registries, patient-reported outcomes and best practices.

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Mint Medical

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Detailed Product Information

Brainlab Digital Operating Room


Transforming oncology care with software-based technology

Brainlab is the healthcare digitalization company transforming clinical workflows with software-based technology in surgery, radiotherapy and operating room integration. Brainlab products create and enhance data while lending efficiency and ease to even the most complicated procedures. Brainlab streamlines patient information throughout every patient journey, supporting existing clinical pre-operative, intraoperative, and post-operative workflows.

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Mint Medical

Fostering data-driven radiology and integrated diagnostics

Mint Medical specializes in standardized computer-assisted evaluation and analysis of imaging and clinical data and provides the prerequisite for data interoperability. Its software platform, mint Lesion™ supports structured radiological assessment according to defined criteria and workflows in clinical trials, clinical routine and research. The software enables the consistent collection, visualization and analysis of longitudinally connected, structured, AI-ready data.

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Brainlab Mixed Reality

Brainlab Digital Operating Room


Visiontree is the digital patient journey platform that healthcare providers need to deliver patient reported outcomes for holistic health records, shared patient decision making and remote patient monitoring. See how the company’s embedded EHR app, with its best in-class universal data model, is driving patient-centric data collection automation for clinical and research workflows. Join top US hospitals by downloading Visiontree, the market-proven patient outcomes solution with the #1 clinical and research EHR app.

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Level EX

Advancing the practice of medicine through play

Level Ex is the world’s leading medical video game studio, bringing together the best minds across healthcare and interactive entertainment to accelerate the adoption of new skills and treatments in medicine. Using the Neuroscience of Play, the company’s mobile games, medical simulations and cloud-gaming platform engage hundreds of thousands of medical professionals and empower the top healthcare companies, societies, and organizations like NASA. Captivating sales, marketing, and training solutions improve how medical professionals master new technology and procedures. These solutions are proven to scale how leading med tech companies «wow» medical professionals sooner and accelerate adoption more effectively.

Level Ex launched the first real-time ultrasound simulator on mobile and has developed the most realistic ultrasound sim toolbox in the market for NASA as well as games that help doctors develop mental models for understanding the technology and interpreting the images.

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Brainlab Mixed Reality

Together we’re making an impact

The health care industry depends on our collective digital technologies to improve the lives of patients, operate more effectively and work to lower costs. Together we’re advancing care, one provider, one physician, one partner and one patient at a time.

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