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Thjis Schopmann, O.R. Manager | MST Enschede

MST Enschede - Operating Room Integration - Brainlab Customer Story
Updated marzo 13, 2020 2 minute read
«When you build a new O.R., the most important things are that you make the decision with your team and that the systems you choose are flexible to adapt to your workflow. Brainlab Digital O.R. fulfilled this and amazingly fit our workflow like a surgical glove.»
Thijs Schopmann, O.R. Manager

About MST Enschede

Map of location of MST Enschede
  • Opened in 2016
  • 3083 hospital staff
  • 600 beds
  • 14 O.R.s

In addition to basic care, Medisch Spectrum Twente (MST) offers great expertise in specific clinical facilities, like cardiac surgery and neurosurgery, as well as boasting a high-level intensive care unit. As one of the most modern facilities in The Netherlands, the hospital provides care to a large region for numerous specialties. The beating heart of the organization is the “hot floor”, where all 14 O.R.s and intensive care departments are concentrated. MST remains at the forefront of innovation and is a valuable reference site for other hospitals in Europe and the US.

  • Working with many different software systems (O.R. scheduling and registration, sterilization unit, etc.) each with a different interface
  • Difficult video documentation within single systems that lacked cooperation
  • Inability to integrate patient data from HIS, PACS into the O.R.
  • Slow saving of generated patient data to hospital archives
  • Integrating system output from various software into one consolidated system
  • Ensuring information is clear and available to all O.R. team members
  • Intuitive, easy interaction with patient data in the O.R.
  • Incorporating additional image data, like screenshots and surgical video, into the patient report
  • Quick planning of surgeries, even minutes before the procedure
  • Speedy saving of generated patient data to hospital archives
Outside view of the hospital Medisch Spectrum Twente Enschede

O.R. Configuration

  • 14 Buzz systems
  • Elements DICOM Viewer for intraoperative viewing and planning
  • 1 Curve Navigation system
  • 1 Kick EM Navigation system
  • Brainlab Server as central data node between O.R. and hospital archives
  • Documentation software
  • Audio/Video Conferencing and Streaming software
  • 3rd party integrated software
  • Fibertracking and Stereotaxy


  • The modular design of Brainlab Digital O.R. integration gives the flexibility to add new applications and systems in the future
  • Great acceptance and widespread utilization of Brainlab Buzz by all clinical specialties and O.R. team members due to the system’s ease of use
  • Fast availability of data in the O.R. due to prefetching of data during off-peak times
  • Direct archiving of clinically generated images and documentation in selected hospital archive

La integración moderna del quirófano digital reduce las interfaces de software

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