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Fibertracking in Neurosurgery - My Personal Practice

Aug 25, 2020


Case presentation and live demonstration

Brainlab invites to join a live webinar: “Fibertracking in Neurosurgery – My Personal Practice” on 25th August at 5:00 PM (GMT+8) presented by Dr. Zhu Xianlun, Neurosurgeon, Hong Kong

This webinar will cover topics including:

  • Introduction to DTI imaging and fiber tractography.

  • Why fibertracking in neurosurgery?

  • How fibertracking can make a difference for tumor resection and DBS functional planning on case examples?

  • Live demonstration.

We look forward to meeting you online!
Participation is free of charge.
Please use a modern browser (Chrome or Firefox) to access the webinar.

Language | English


ZHU Xianlun, Neurosurgeon

Hong Kong

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