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Brains & Beers
Brains & Beers

Friday, June 29th is almost here! We’re looking forward to sharing a beer with you, together with our friends and family. Some key information is here below. Be sure to pick up a Party Pocket Map at the entrance on Friday – inside you’ll find everything else you may want to know about the day.

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Here are some of the most important times and events. For more detailed information be sure to check out the Party Pocket Map on Friday.

02:00 PMEvent Begins
02:00 PM – 05:00 PMOffice Tours & Auditorium Presentations

Demo Area, Clinic and Museum are open for viewing

02:00 PM – 06:00 PMKids Program & Sport Program
07:30 PMWe kindly ask that all children depart
08:00 PM – 10:00 PMLive Music


Getting into Brains & Beers

Your Brains & Beers wristband is your ticket to the event. Everyone is asked to wear them. These are non-transferable and are necessary for accessing the event, all catering and activities.

Wristbands can be picked up during the week, Tuesday, June 26th, through Thursday, June 27th, from 11 am to 2 pm. We highly encourage you to pick these up before the event in order to avoid lines at the party entrance.

On Friday, the day of the party, wristbands can be picked up starting at 2pm at one of the two official party entrances in the front area of the building.

Please understand: Friends and family wristbands are also only valid if the inviting employee is also attending the Brains & Beers party with their guests.

Underage Children

We respect and observe the legal drinking age. For the ease of our restaurant, catering and security staff, special orange wristbands are being issued to our underage guests.

Kids’ Activities & Supervision

Attention parents! From 2 to 6 pm, we have some fun programs for you and the kids. Come check out the Kids Area (Training A+B, 1st Floor) and the Brainlab Gym. More details can be found in the Party Pocket Map.

Parents, please also be aware that you retain responsibility for supervision throughout the entire Brains & Beers event. The children’s program is to be understood as an offering of activities for families to participate in, but it is not to be confused for childcare. Even during the children’s activities, the responsibility of supervision remains with the parents and/or legal guardians.

We kindly ask that all children head home by 7:30 pm, before the evening program begins.

The Gym and Other Fun Stuff

The Brainlab Gym

The Brainlab Gym has lots in store for both big and small guests. A schedule and further details are attached a PDF below (and also available in the Party Pocket Map). No pre-registration is needed, just come on over. Participation is limited – First come, first-served!

Other Fun Stuff

The Party Pocket Map, available at the event entrance, is your guide to finding the other fun stuff that is waiting to be discovered. Hint: Say Cheese! Corn hole anyone? We hope you get a ‘kick’ out of all of it.


Whether you dance is up to you, but yes, there will be music: a DJ while the sun shines and then, at around 8 pm, a band will take the stage.

Company Tours

Guided Tours

Brainlab volunteers will be leading guided tours from 2 pm – 5 pm, departing from the Atrium every 15 minutes. We will provide tour pre-registration during wristband pickup however we will also allow on-site registrations. In case of crowding, employees are asked to yield their place to guests. Please help ensure that all interested visitors have the opportunity to take part.

Self-Guided/Employee Tours

The Demo Area, Museum and Clinic will be open from 2 pm – 5 pm for guests to freely visit. Brainlab colleagues will be available in these areas to answer questions and provide additional details about our products. You are also allowed and encouraged to show your guests the building and your workspace. However, guests must not be left unattended at any time in the secure (keycard accessible) areas.

The Tower observation deck and selected floors will be open for visitors, please see the Event Program for more information. Security will be present in the Tower to help ensure everyone’s safety. Space is limited so there may be occasional bottlenecks. Please be patient and considerate of others.

Tours and visits to the secured (keycard accessible) areas of the building should end at 7 pm at the latest.

Presentations in the Auditorium

Join in the auditorium to hear our talk series ‘Insight into the Practice’. These non-clinical guest-friendly talks with share the impacts of utilizing Brainlab technology from the perspective of some of our customers. Space is limited and seating is on a first-come, first-served basis. If crowded please yield seats to family and guests. For reference, below is the schedule of presentations.


02:30 PM – 03:00 PMFocus SpineProf. Dr. Christoph Siepe, Schön Clinic
03:30 PM – 04:00 PMFocus RadiotherapyDr. Maximilian Niyazi, Klinikum der Universität München
04:30 PM – 05:00 PMFocus NeurosurgeryProf. Dr. Jens Lehmberg, Klinikum rechts der Isar

Note all presentations will be in German.

Photos & You (Please read!)

As at every Brainlab festival, we commissioned a photographer to capture this special day in pictures. We may use a small selection of images for online communication and distribute them via social media. Of course we understand very well that photos of family members and children are particularly sensitive to handle. Therefore we will instruct our photographer not to take close-ups of individual guests, especially children. Of course, you may ask the photographer at any time during the party not to take intended motives and/or to delete pictures immediately again.

Due to the large number of participants at the summer party, it is not practical to ask each individual participant for a written declaration of consent in advance. Therefore, after the event we will publish an overview of selected recordings on the intranet, which we would like to post. Brainlab employees will then have the opportunity to veto and delete images within a specified period of time, also on behalf of their families and guests.

We assume that by taking part in the summer party you agree to this procedure and assure you of a sensitive handling of the resulting image material.

Designated Smoking Areas

The Brains & Beers party is a family-friendly non-smoking event. There are designated smoking areas that can be located using the Party Pocket Map. All employees are responsible for making their guests aware of this and helping them find the designated smoking areas and the appropriate trash receptacles.

Restaurant & Catering

The Brainlab restaurant will offer a lunch service during the accustomed hours from 11:30 am to 2 pm.

Beverages and all food catering will be available from the start of the party at 2 pm. Food service will continue as long as supplies last (latest until 10 pm). There will be a variety of dishes to choose from and portions are planned to help eliminate food waste. We ask that you please choose mindfully and only take what you plan to consume.

Menus and specific dietary information is available below as a PDF and also at each food locations. If you don’t find the information you’re looking for, please ask!

Organization / Housekeeping


All available restrooms are marked on the Party Overview Pocket Map, which will be given out at the entrances to the party.  

Coat Check / Cloakroom

Jackets, bags, etc. can be stored in the designated cloakrooms, which are located at Reception on the ground floor and in the room next to the elevators opposite to the restaurant entrance.

Diaper Changing Tables

Two diaper-changing stations are located on the ground floor in the unisex handicapped restroom as well as in the women’s restroom (opposite the ladies’ toilet stalls).

Stroller Parking

A marked buggy and stroller parking area is located in the hallway by the Production area, across from the ground floor restrooms. Space is limited.

First Aid

There will be a medical first aid service stationed on the side of the building throughout the event.


Map and Directions

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