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Category: Radiotherapy


Japanese Society for Radiation Oncology

What’s New at JASTRO 2022?

The 35th Annual Meeting of Japanese Society for Radiation Oncology.

A million hearts as one – the Present and Future of high-precision Radiotherapy.


ExacTrac Dynamic

Internal anatomy verification during breath hold

ExacTrac Dynamic addresses a wide range of clinical challenges and allows the positioning and monitoring of radiotherapy patients with different indications. Our newest Deep Inspiration Breath Hold (DIBH)* workflow for breast cancer patients utilizes automated, tattoo-less pre-positioning coupled with internal anatomy verification at breath-hold for precise dose tumor targeting and increased confidence in sparing critical organs. While this treatment technique typically requires multiple systems, ExacTrac Dynamic covers the full positioning and monitoring of DIBH patients.

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Special Event

Seminar “ExacTrac Dynamic First Clinical Experience and QA at Kumamoto University

Date: Friday, November 11, 2022 | 11:50-12:50AM

Location: Rihga Royal Hoterl Hiroshima 

Elements Multiple Brain Mets SRS

Efficient Treatment of Multiple Targets


Elements Multiple Brain Mets SRSは、統合化された臨床アプリケーションとして、転移性脳腫瘍治療のワークフローに基づいて、複数のターゲットを効率的に管理するための一貫性のある、高品質な定位放射線治療計画を作成することができます。

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Brainlab Stereotactic Radiosurgery Software - Multiple Brain Metastases Dose Planning
Elements Cranial SRS Stereotactic Radiosurgery

Elements Cranial SRS

Inherent Intelligence for Cranial Indications


Elements Cranial SRSは、複雑な定位放射線治療計画を迅速かつ自動的に作成し、4π最適化アルゴリズムを活用することで、治療の質を妥協することなく、迅速な治療計画を可能にします。

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Elements Spine SRS

Transforming Management of Spinal Lesions


Elements Spine SRSは、脊椎領域におけるMRIとCTの非剛体イメージフュージョン、インターナショナルガイドラインに沿ったCTVの自動生成機能、脊椎専用に設計されたVMATオプティマイザーにより、治療の質を妥協することなく、迅速な治療計画を可能にします。

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Elements Spine SRS Stereotactic Radiosurgery
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4-1 Motomachi
730-0011 Hiroshima

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