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91e CONGRÈS DE LA SOCIÉTÉ FRANÇAISE DE Chirurgie Orthopédique et Traumatologique


Meet Brainlab Orthopedic Portfolio

We invite you to discover our full orthopedic solutions portfolio from preoperative planning to intraoperative navigation to postoperative evaluation and sharing.

At our booth, we invite you to experience ClearLens™* instruments, our newest passive optical tracking hardware for computer assisted surgery. The preassembled, single-use reference arrays snap quickly into place and remain visible to the surgical navigation system, even in the most challenging clinical environments.

For preoperative planning, Auto-Knee, the newest feature of TraumaCad 2.5, will be presented. Auto-Knee provides quick and comprehensive preoperative planning of knee arthroplasty procedures, removing manual steps by automatically registering landmarks.

During surgery, our latest knee navigation software—KNEE3—predicts joint stability while quantifying the soft tissue envelope before any bone cuts have been made.

Visit us at booth F61 to see how  Brainlab orthopedic innovations streamline and enhance the surgical workflow.

For more information about our comprehensive orthopedic portfolio, click here.

*Commercial availability pending.


    November 07, 2016
    November 08, 2016
    November 09, 2016
    November 10, 2016

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