9 Digital Health Experts to Follow on LinkedIn in 2021

9 Digital Health Experts to Follow on LinkedIn
Updated juillet 14, 2021 2 minute read

The year 2020 will remain in our memories as the year that turned existing infrastructures upside down. As a result, the COVID-19 pandemic has greatly accelerated the digitization of our society particularly in the healthcare sector.

Technologies such as robotics, artificial intelligence, virtual reality, spatial computing and big data have found their way into many clinics and dominate the discussion in digital health.

As many in-person conferences and trade fairs were cancelled in the past ten months, we saw a boost in the use of social media, virtual events, podcasts and webinars. If you visited a virtual healthcare event this year, we’re sure you’ve already ‘met’ some of the digital health experts on our list.

If you would like to stay on top of the discussion around digital health, be sure to follow these experts on LinkedIn.

1. Rafael J. Grossmann, MD

Surgeon, educator, healthcare futurist, first Google Glass surgeon

Rafael Grossmann is a healthcare futurist as well as a full-time general, trauma, acute care, advanced laparoscopic and robotic surgeon. His focus and passion is the convergence of innovation-tech, futurism and healthcare social media to disrupt and improve healthcare delivery and education. He also completed the first ever documented Google Glass surgery.

His LinkedIn page offers a plethora of posts and articles on virtual reality, artificial intelligence, spatial computing and how these will impact the future of surgery and medicine. Be sure to watch the numerous videos available on his page, including several TEDx talks related to these topics.

Watch Dr. Grossman’s TEDx Talk “Ok glass, I need a surgeon” during which he discusses the need for and future of telemedicine to support rural clinics.

“I think that the Smart-Glass, virtual and augmented and mixed reality represent the natural evolution of the Human-Computer interface. The future potential of these devices in healthcare and medical education is limited only by our imagination.”

Rafael J. Grossmann, MD

LinkedIn Profile His personal website Watch his TEDx Talk

2. Bertalan Meskó, MD, PhD

Director of The Medical Futurist Institute, keynote speaker, author, medical futurist

Bertalan Meskó has an impressive resume of qualifications as a medical futurist and digital health expert: Over 500 keynotes presented, dozens of featured publications, over 5 million readers of his popular website The Medical Futurist, top 100 author on Amazon, as well as being listed one of LinkedIn’s Top Voices in Healthcare.

His wide-ranging interests see him sharing regular posts about everything from gene editing to wearable medical devices to digital health technologies.

“Only digital health can bring healthcare into the 21st century and make patients the point-of-care. We prepare everyone in healthcare for the adoption of innovative, disruptive and smart technologies while keeping the human touch.”

Bertalan Meskó, MD

LinkedIn Profile Watch one of his talks

3. Tjasa Zajc

Digital health evangelist, podcaster & communications specialist

Tjasa Zajc

Tjasa Zajc, with her background in healthcare management and economics, is the host of the Faces of Digital Health podcast that has been broadcasting since 2017 with over 100 episodes available.

With guest speakers from around the world, her podcast analyzes various healthcare systems to offer a global picture of their development. Her focus is on exploring healthcare systems, the digital health market, and how stakeholders in these fields could be better connected to increase the speed of healthcare improvement.

If you’d like to learn more about the specific characteristics of healthcare systems around the globe, tune in to Tjasa’s fascinating podcast.

LinkedIn Profile The Podcast

4. Jacques Kpodonu, MD

Cardiac and endovascular surgeon, faculty of surgery at Harvard Medical School, lead author of four medical text books

Jacques Kpodonu shares articles and insights about a wide range of current topics in healthcare, including the COVID-19 pandemic, addressing cardiac surgery capacity in Africa, digital health technology, biomedical innovation, precision medicine, population health, and wearable technology. He also uses his platform to raise crucial awareness around health and racial disparity.

His deep knowledge and reputation within the industry has led to leadership roles at the Society of Thoracic Surgery, the American College of Cardiology, and the REACH program.

Follow him on LinkedIn to learn more about e-health, healthcare and surgical technology, patient safety, data analytics, artificial intelligence, robotic surgery, and much more.

LinkedIn Profile

5. Louise Schaper, MD

CEO of Australasian Institute of Digital Health, speaker advocating and supporting the digital health ecosystem

As CEO of the Australasian Institute of Digital Health, Louise Schaper advocates for the transformation of healthcare through technology and support of the digital health ecosystem. She has given over 100 conference presentations and hosted her own podcast Dissecting Digital Health.

Schaper shares content on LinkedIn about a range of topics relating to leadership, digital health and healthcare IT news.

“Improving health outcomes through digital health became my obsession after witnessing the inefficiencies and unsafe practices that result from our reliance on a paper-based healthcare system.”
Louise Schaper, MD

LinkedIn Profile

6. Daniel Kraft, MD

Healthcare futurist, Stanford and Harvard trained physician and scientist, chair for medicine at Singularity University, founder & chair of Exponential Medicine

Daniel Kraft specialized as a physician in internal medicine and pediatrics, having also completed fellowships in hematology/oncology and bone marrow transplantation. With over 25 years of clinical, research, biotechnology and entrepreneurial experience, Dr. Kraft has created multiple publications through his faculty positions at Stanford Medical School and the University of California San Francisco. He also specialized in aerospace medicine and has published research together with NASA.

On LinkedIn, Dr. Kraft posts about a wide range of topics including healthcare innovation and technology, recent COVID-19 news, healthcare and big data, global health, AI and virtual and augmented reality in medicine.

Watch Dr. Kraft reveal his insights for the future of digital health technology during an interview at the last Digital Health Summit as well as his TED Talk Medicine’s Future? There’s an App for that.

LinkedIn Profile Read the article Watch his TED Talk

7. David Chou

Chief Information Officer in the healthcare sector, digital transformation consultant with global healthcare experience

David Chou aims to help healthcare organizations maximize their investments to start themselves on the path towards becoming digital enterprises. Chou has held executive roles with the Cleveland Clinic, Children’s Mercy Hospital, University Of Mississippi Medical Center, AHMC Healthcare, and Prime Healthcare.

He posts and shares articles and surveys on LinkedIn about a range of digital healthcare topics, including facilitating digital transformations in medicine, patient-centered medical records with block chain, the Internet of Things in healthcare, and telemedicine. He has spoken at many health tech conferences.

Watch him discuss Digital Transformation in Healthcare for CXOTALK.

LinkedIn Profile Watch the video

8. Bart De Witte

Healthcare futurist, founder HIPPO AI Foundation and medical AI activist

Bart De Witte is a medical AI activist that believes medical knowledge needs to stay open. He founded the HIPPO AI Foundation, the first global NGO for open source-based artificial intelligence in medicine, and the Digital Health Academy in Berlin. His deep understanding of healthcare technology was formed in his previous roles as Director Digital Health at IBM in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

On his LinkedIn page, he mainly posts about topics such as artificial intelligence, the latest news regarding COVID-19, health data, and robotics.

LinkedIn Profile Watch his TED Talk


9. John Nosta

Founder of digital health think tank NOSTALAB

In addition to founding NOSTALAB, a healthcare innovation think tank that focuses on the emergence of digital health, John Nosta is also a member of the Google Health Advisory Board, writer of Health Critical for Forbes and The Digital Self for Psychology Today, as well as a former research associate at Harvard Medical School. In 2020, he was listed as a top 50 global COVID-19 influencer.

On his LinkedIn page, Nosta posts and shares about a huge range of digital health topics, from artificial intelligence to healthcare innovation to medical data.

“I think that digital health is the empowerment of technology, whether it be nanoparticles, CRISPR [clustered regularly interspaced short palindromic repeats], or immuno-oncology. That’s the magical convergence of science and technology, which will ultimately serve patients.”

LinkedIn Profile Watch the interview Read his Forbes articles

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