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Brainlab Global Sales Up 30% in FY2015 for ExacTrac Patient Position Monitoring

Brainlab foothold in oncology market strengthened through ExacTrac for image guided radiosurgery
Feldkirchen – December 17, 2015 — Brainlab, a global leader in medical technology, marks the highest sales to date of ExacTrac® Patient Position Monitoring with a 30% increase in sales over the last fiscal year.  This sales milestone was strengthened by a 90% increase in upgrades among existing ExacTrac customers since 2013. With over 800 installations in 48 countries and more than one million treatments performed worldwide, ExacTrac represents the benchmark in radiosurgical patient positioning and monitoring.

“As an integral part of our Novalis® Tx and TrueBeam STx, ExacTrac has enabled greater access to stereotactic radiosurgery (SRS) and stereotactic body radiation therapy (SBRT) for patients in Scotland,” said Linda Carruthers, Head of Radiotherapy Treatment Planning at Edinburgh Cancer Centre. “In such a busy center, our model of care requires significant throughput of patients. ExacTrac allows us to integrate sophisticated techniques into our normal daily workflow and has become our image guidance method of choice for most patients treated on these LINACs.”

ExacTrac is a field-proven system utilized by radiation therapy technologists, medical physicists and radiation oncologists to deliver precisely shaped radiosurgery treatments to brain and body tumors. ExacTrac offers sub-millimetric accuracy and its six degrees of correctional robotic freedom used in conjunction with a non-invasive stereotactic mask system, have revolutionized frameless stereotactic radiosurgery. Independent of the radiation delivery device, ExacTrac drives treatment safety via a self-contained, room-based verification system that allows for continuous monitoring of patient position and motion throughout the entire treatment and enables corrections whenever setup tolerances are exceeded. Facilities can also use ExacTrac for easy and accurate patient setup prior to the start of treatment.

“Our infrastructure, which is not unlike that of most medical institutions, requires us to leverage existing resources. It was obvious for us to go for a second ExacTrac system,” said Prof. Dietmar Georg, Medical University Vienna/General Hospital. “ExacTrac not only meets our need to deliver advanced, sophisticated SRS and SBRT therapies across several different LINACs, but does so with a level of accuracy and efficiency.”

Facilities can utilize ExacTrac with multiple linear accelerator (LINAC) technologies including Varian, Elekta and Siemens. This multi-LINAC compatibility enables treatment of conventional as well as complex cancers that require highly accurate targeting precision for frameless SRS and stereotactic body radiotherapy treatment (SBRT).  

“Since its introduction, ExacTrac has set the standard in intra-fractional motion management and patient positioning monitoring,” said Stefan Vilsmeier, CEO and Founder, Brainlab. “Global sales numbers and upgrades are true testaments to the trust that our customers have in Brainlab.”

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Brainlab, headquartered in Munich, develops, manufactures and markets software-driven medical technology, enabling access to advanced, less invasive patient treatments.

Core products center on information-guided surgery, radiosurgery, precision radiation therapy, digital operating room integration, and information and knowledge exchange. Brainlab technology powers treatments in radiosurgery and radiotherapy as well as numerous surgical fields including neurosurgery, orthopedic, ENT, CMF, spine and trauma.

Privately held since its formation in 1989, Brainlab has over 9,000 systems installed in about 100 countries. Brainlab employs 1,200 people in 19 offices worldwide, including 300 research & development engineers, who form a crucial part of the product development team. 

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