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Brainlab Introduces New Hi-Res Planning Algorithm For VersaHD

Automatic support of virtual leaves in Elements offers improved dose conformity in radiosurgery

MUNICH, April 20, 2018 – Brainlab announced today the implementation of a software solution that can achieve better radiation dose conformity around brain tumors, resulting from a close strategic collaboration with Elekta. Brainlab Elements take advantage of the specific properties of Elekta’s Agility™ multileaf collimator and compensate for the width of selected leaves, enabling the radiation beam to more accurately conform to the tumor’s shape, thereby minimizing dose to organs at risk.

A new planning algorithm in Brainlab Elements cranial radiosurgery software supports virtual leaf width capability with Agility on the Versa HD™ linear accelerator. Through the dynamic manipulation of the Y-Jaws, the algorithm partially blocks the collimator leaves along the vertical edge of a tumor target, which can reduce the collimator leaf down to 1 mm across the full treatment field of view for enhanced conformity.

“On a VersaHD, this technology now enables clinicians to achieve superior dose distribution, especially for small cranial targets,” said Stefan Vilsmeier, CEO and founder of Brainlab. “Cranial Elements and ExacTrac® open the door for Elekta users to establish a Novalis program utilizing Versa HD, joining the elite community of linac-based radiosurgery users.”

Elekta also has an ongoing interoperability program with Brainlab that will ensure integration of ExacTrac 6.x as well as future versions. To find out more about Versa HD and ExacTrac, visit Elekta booth #300 at ESTRO 37.

Maurits Wolleswinkel, Head of Portfolio and Chief Strategy Officer at Elekta, said: “This latest collaborative effort demonstrates our mutual commitment to precision radiation treatment solutions for our customers. By leveraging the unique capabilities of Versa HD’s collimation system and better integration of ExacTrac in our workflow, we will further expand the radiosurgery capabilities of Versa HD and can bring greater benefits to healthcare clinics and patients.”

The new enhanced capability supporting VersaHD builds on the success of existing collaborations between Elekta and Brainlab, like the jointly marketed Leksell Vantage Stereotactic System with Elements Stereotaxy, as well as the integration of Versa HD and Brainlab ExacTrac® patient positioning and monitoring technology.

To learn more or to gain a hands-on demonstration, visit Brainlab booth #1600 at ESTRO 37.

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