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A New Education Tool for your Brain Tumor Patients

March 31, 2016

At, the Brainlab patient education website, we are focused on sharing the combined knowledge of expert physicians, experienced patients and their advocates. We are excited to announce a new educational section added to, centered on diagnosis and treatment of brain tumors. is a place for patients to learn, explore and equip themselves with health information. After months of planning, writing and expert review, we are ready for you to check out the content and share with other physicians, your patients and their caregivers. Some of the topics that are covered in the new Brain Tumors section:
  • What causes brain tumors?
  • How are brain tumors treated?
  • What is image guided surgery?
  • What is radiation therapy?
  • What to expect during radiation therapy treatment
You can explore all the informative content in our full brain tumors section. Also check out Brainfood, our blog where we feature patient and physician stories, article on new treatment trials and any news surrounding brain tumor research and treatment options. The goal of is to be an educational resource for patients. We want patients, their families and friends to better understand surgical and radiotherapy options. Our hope is that this will be a tool you can share with your patients educating them about their diagnosis. Together we improve cancer survivorship.