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Mixed Reality Photo Booth

    Declaration of consent to the publication and processing of photographs wearing a Magic Leap headset at Brainlab Open House Event in Munich on July 14th, 2023

    I hereby consent

    to the transfer of the rights to the images in the form of my photo taken at the congress mentioned above to Brainlab AG, Olof-Palme-Str. 9, 81829 Munich, Germany, including its subsidiaries (hereinafter referred to as “Brainlab”) without limitations in terms of time, territory and content for the purpose of use and publication.

    The consent extends to the taking, editing (e.g. cutting or adjusting the focus) and publishing of the photographic works taken during the Brainlab Open House Event in any form for social media and other communication measures.
    The rights to images shall be assigned on the legal basis of your consent, which was issued voluntarily. There is no legal or contractual obligation to be available for photographs. You may revoke the consent issued by you at any time with future effect without specifying reasons.

    Brainlab warrants that any visual material produced will not be used for purposes pertaining to unlawful or criminal acts nor in a defamatory manner.

    I waive any claim to remuneration for the production of the photographic works and shall further not assert any such claim retrospectively.

    Your data will be transferred to the following recipients:

    • Subsidiaries of Brainlab AG
    • Social Media Channels of Brainlab AG: LinkedIn, Instagram & Twitter
    • RSS Feed on

    The photo files will be deleted as soon as they are no longer required for the above purpose.

    If Facebook and other social media channels are used in which data is processed in a third country outside the European Union, Brainlab has taken steps to ensure that your data is processed in third countries just as securely as within the European Union. The standard contractual clauses provided by the Commission of the European Union have been agreed which provide suitable guarantees for the protection of your data at service providers in third countries.

    Brainlab would like to notify you that data on the Internet is accessible from around the world and can be found using search engines and combined with other information that may be used to prepare personal profiles about you. Information, including photos or videos, that is placed on the Internet can be easily copied and disseminated further. This may result in a situation where information published online may also be accessible elsewhere even after it has been deleted on the original page.

    Further information:

    Name and contact details of the data controller:
    Brainlab AG
    Olof-Palme Str. 9
    81829 Munich, Germany
    Strategic Marketing & Digital
    [email protected]

    Contact details of the data protection officer:

    Katharina Ruhenstroth
    -Data Protection Officer-
    Email of the data protection officer: [email protected]

    Information requirements apply in connection with the consent to the taking and publication of the photos.

    • Rights of data subjects: The right to revoke consent, of access to information, to rectification and erasure, to restriction of processing and to data portability shall apply.
    • Right to lodge a complaint: You have the right to lodge a complaint with a supervisory authority if there are indications that the processing of this data is in breach of the General Data Protection Regulation.

    Dear Customer,
    Thanks for visiting the Brainlab booth.
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    Your Brainlab Team