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Brainlab Increases Automation in Orthopedic Digital Templating

TraumaCad new automatic knee functionality aims to save time for orthopedic surgeons
Orlando [AAOS], March 3, 2016—Brainlab, a global leader in software-driven medical technology expands its digital planning software by introducing Auto-Knee this week at the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons Annual Meeting in Orlando, Florida. Auto-Knee, the latest feature of the new TraumaCad 2.5, provides quick and comprehensive preoperative planning of knee arthroplasty procedures, removing manual steps by automatically registering landmarks.

“With technology like our automatic planning and outcome simulation tools, surgeons receive more visual and digital information for their clinical decision-making while saving time in their daily routine compared to previous versions,” said Martin Immerz, Vice President Orthopedics at Brainlab. “Auto-Knee continues to set the standard in digital templating, offering our ever-expanding worldwide install base of 2,000 advanced mobile and desktop planning.”

Through automatic detection of anatomical landmarks, planning of AP resection lines, template positioning and size estimation, as well as simulation of the knee alignment, Auto-Knee helps surgeons to quickly and automatically plan knee surgery procedures. For knee planning on the go, Auto-Knee is also available on the newest version of TraumaCad Mobile for iPad®.

At the meeting, Brainlab will also be presenting its full range of software-guided tools for knee surgery. In addition to Auto-Knee, Brainlab will demonstrate visualization features for potential instabilities through the full range of motion, before bone cuts are made.

To discover the latest innovations in software-guided knee surgery from Brainlab, visit AAOS booth #2871 or

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About Brainlab

Brainlab, headquartered in Munich, develops, manufactures and markets software-driven medical technology, enabling access to advanced, less invasive patient treatments.

Core products center on information-guided surgery, radiosurgery, precision radiation therapy, digital operating room integration, and information and knowledge exchange. Brainlab technology powers treatments in radiosurgery and radiotherapy as well as numerous surgical fields including neurosurgery, orthopedic, ENT, CMF, spine and trauma.

Privately held since its formation in Munich, Germany in 1989, Brainlab has more than 9,000 systems installed in about 100 countries. Brainlab employs 1,300 people in 19 offices worldwide, including 320 Research & Development engineers, who form a crucial part of the product development team.