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Advanced Clinical

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Brainlab Academy

Advanced Clinical

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During the course, certified Brainlab instructors and an experienced clinical team with significant knowledge in implementing and managing specific treatment techniques will share insights on clinical implementation and introduce the requirements for a successful radiotherapy and/or radiosurgery program.

  • Duration
    2-days at reference hospital, plus ½-day remote
  • Course Language
    English, French

Target Audience

The Brainlab Academy: Advanced Clinical Course is tailored primarily for a clinical team of 2-3 attendees from each site. This could include the radiation oncologists and neurosurgeons responsible for starting or further developing a radiosurgery program.

The target audience for the module ExacTrac Dynamic for Breast Cancer are radiation oncologists, medical physicists and radiation therapists/radiographers, who are involved in the treatment with ExacTrac Dynamic.


The clinical team attending the course should have basic knowledge of the Brainlab Elements treatment planning software, for example, by attending the Brainlab Academy: Essential Course Radiosurgery.

The clinical team attending the ExacTrac Dynamic for Breast Cancer module should have a basic knowledge of ExacTrac Dynamic.


The course will provide participants the opportunity to learn the Brainlab approach to specific radiosurgery treatment indications directly from experienced users. You will gain insights on clinical implementation and requirements for a successful radiosurgery program. Each of the offered courses has a focus on specific treatment indications:

  • Brain metastases & skull-base tumors
  • Functional indications & AVMs
  • Extracranial indications
  • “ExacTrac Dynamic for Breast Cancer”


  • 2-day onsite course hosted by reference hospital
  • ½-day remote follow-up discussion of clinical cases from each participating hospital
  • Lectures on contouring, clinical prescriptions, patient positioning and monitoring, and treatment outcomes
  • Tuition, certificate of attendance, course materials and supplies, including applicable supplemental materials, return travel, accommodation (max. of 2 nights), participation in a social evening and meals outlined in the course agenda
Brain Metastases and Skull-base Tumors

This advanced clinical course will provide participants with the opportunity to learn from clinical experts about the clinical implementation and requirements for a successful radiosurgery program for brain metastases and skull-base tumors. During the course, medical physicists will learn about specific quality assurance techniques as well as expert tricks for treatment planning with Brainlab radiosurgery software. Radiation oncologists and neurosurgeons will learn about contouring, clinical prescriptions and planning approaches.

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ExacTrac Dynamic® for Breast Cancer

This advanced clinical course is a comprehensive training program aimed at supporting the use of ExacTrac Dynamic® for breast cancer treatments. During the course, you will learn about specific imaging, CT simulation, deep inspiration breath hold (DIBH) 1 and general strategies for the treatment of breast cancer. During the hands-on part of the course, you will be familiarized with tips and tricks from experienced clinical users. The focus of the remote portion will be on open discussion of clinical cases brought by each participating hospital.

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Functional Indications

Functional Indications is an advanced clinical course offering an excellent opportunity for participants to gain insights from clinical experts on the successful delivery of functional high-dose treatments. Attendees will visit the experts and spend a day at their facility, where they will have the chance to engage in discussions with medical physicists, radiation oncologists and neurosurgeons on dedicated contouring, targeting and planning aspects.

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The next dates of this course

05 June - 06 June

ExacTrac Dynamic for Breast Cancer
Language: English


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    Brussels is the capital of Belgium and is also considered the principal city of the European Union. It has all the characteristics of a metropolis, but at the same time is a small tranquil city. It has extremely modern neighborhoods that contrast with its renowned Art Deco buildings, and the streets of Brussels are packed with charm and history. We’re pleased to host the Advanced Clinical Course “ExacTrac Dynamic® for Breast Cancer” in cooperation with Universitair Ziekenhuis Brussel and the team of Prof. Mark de Ridder and Prof. Thierry Gevaert.


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    If you booked Brainlab Academy with travel included, all arrangements will be made by our Brainlab travel agencies.

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    We provide shuttle services to the course location. Please reach out to [email protected] for any questions upfront.

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    The dress code is business casual.

    Yes, we will provide all the meals within the training schedule.

    We provide an airport shuttle to the reference hospital. Please update us about any schedule changes by emailing [email protected].

    Yes, you will receive a certificate following the completion of the course.

    Due to compliance reasons, Brainlab can not cover any travel or accommodation costs for additional external guests. However, it is possible to bring a partner/family member and cover these costs privately. In this case, we would support by contacting the hotel to inquire about an upgrade to a double room. Travel arrangements must be organized independently.


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