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Deep Inspiration Breath Hold

Internal Anatomy
During Breath Hold

Deep Inspiration Breath Hold

Internal Anatomy Verification During Breath Hold

The ExacTrac Dynamic Deep Inspiration Breath Hold (DIBH) workflow utilizes automated, tattoo-less pre-positioning coupled with internal anatomy verification at breath-hold level for precise dose tumor targeting with increased confidence in sparing critical organs.

How does our DIBH technique work?

Why incorporate a deep inspiration breath hold workflow?

You can position and monitor your breast radiation therapy patients with a streamlined and revolutionary workflow that helps ensure the highest quality of care.

What is DIBH?

When your patient takes a deep breath, the distance between the heart and the chest cavity is increased, reducing the risk of cardiac toxicity during breast cancer treatment.

It can be difficult to monitor and verify the adequacy of a patient’s breath hold due to standard variability in everyone’s breathing. Patients may also inadvertently arch their back to simulate a deep breath. Due to this breathing variability, accurate measurement of a patient’s true deep inspiration breath hold is essential in order to ensure that the heart is at a safe distance from the chest cavity during treatment.

What is the ExacTrac Dynamic advantage?

ExacTrac Dynamic offers submillimetric thermal-surface and fast, low-dose X-Ray tracking, promoting accurate monitoring and enabling greater precision and true dose sparing for critical structures.

In addition, this all-in-one system allows you to review internal anatomy, live surface and breathing level all at the same time. The deep integration with most linear accelerators enables thermal-surface triggered beam gating.

Patient Feedback System

• Clear patient display for guided navigation to breath-hold target level

• Movable ceiling-mounted in-room monitor

• Easy-to-adjust, cleanable feedback mirror

• Supports fixation on most common couch tops

Interested in learning more?

Interested in learning more?