The Chris O’Brien Lifehouse Hospital Demonstrates Commitment to New Standard in Radiosurgery

The Chris O’Brien Lifehouse successfully passed the Novalis Certified Process
Sydney, May 23, 2016—Brainlab announced today that The Chris O’Brien Lifehouse hospital in Camperdown, Sydney has successfully completed Novalis Certified, which confirms compliance with a new standard for quality and patient safety in radiosurgery. In order to earn this certification, The Chris O’Brien Lifehouse hospital displayed adherence to a set of standardized quality and safety requirements for their stereotactic radiosurgery (SRS) program, including a review of technological, training, personnel and quality assurance requirements by the world-renowned physicist, Timothy Solberg, PhD from the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania in the U.S.

Chris O’Brien Lifehouse radiation oncologist Nitya Patanjali, MD confirmed that the hospital’s stereotactic radiosurgery team strives to go above and beyond standard measurements for quality care delivery. “Patients can take comfort knowing that we’ve undertaken the Novalis certification, demonstrating that all of our medical and professional staff and equipment are operating at a very high level of competency and expertise.”

When faced with researching radiotherapy options for cancer treatment, patients can rest assured that Novalis Certified confirms a key measurement for safety and treatment quality. Novalis Certified is an independent accreditation program that promotes a very high standard of efficacy and safety for stereotactic radiosurgery and stereotactic body radiation therapy treatments. The audit is based on the Novalis Standard, which focuses on best practice clinical and technical protocols and procedures as well as robust quality assurance. The Novalis Standard is based on continual self-assessment and quality improvement, peer-review, and on international standards and publications of various radiation oncology organizations.

“We’ve treated nearly 1,000 patients in our Novalis Radiosurgery Program” said neurosurgeon, Benjamin Jonker, MD “We have a great responsibility to our patients and their families to not only invest in advanced technology, but to also invest in the 360-degree review of its implementation and utilization. We underwent an external validation of our processes and systems to identify any potential for improvement or efficiencies and to demonstrate objectively that our program is at the forefront of modern stereotactic radiosurgery practice. We found the audit valuable and objective as well as collaborative.”
To learn more about Novalis Radiosurgery visit Understanding Cancer at Chris O’Brien Lifehouse.

About The Chris O’Brien Lifehouse

Lifehouse is an integrated and focused centre of excellence, offering everything a cancer patient needs in one place, including advanced onco-surgery, chemotherapy, radiation therapy, clinical trials, research, education, complementary therapies and psychosocial support.

About the Novalis Circle

The Novalis Circle, a worldwide network of clinicians, is dedicated to the advancement of radiosurgery. Novalis® Radiosurgery users represent the leading edge in the application of radiosurgery and SBRT and their participation in the Novalis Circle community indicates their strong commitment to improving healthcare. The Novalis Circle provides a communication and collaboration network for developing new ideas and improving treatments that will continue to change the face of cancer treatment. The Novalis Standard was established and approved by a Novalis Circle expert committee. For further information, visit www.NovalisCircle.org.