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Brainlab Online Campus

Your New Personalized Learning Experience

Your New Personalized Learning Experience

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Get the most out of your Brainlab technology

Learn how to use Brainlab products at your own pace on your desktop or the Brainlab Online Campus app on your tablet or smartphone (iOS and Android). You can even download training materials to access offline.

Preview our courses

Check out our courses by previewing either the Spine & Trauma 3D Navigation or the ExacTrac Dynamic – Fundamentals eLearning units. Both of these units are part of curated, indication-specific learning experiences accessible on Brainlab Online Campus.

Earn diplomas and credits

Brainlab Online Campus allows you to earn course completion diplomas which detail Continuing Education Units (CEUs) gained. Specific radiosurgery courses are accredited by the American Society of Radiologic Technologists (ASRT).